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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Asad Umar faces PTI backlash after criticizing Imran Khan

PTI's statement said that Asad Umar should have parted ways with PTI if he disagreed with the chairman's decisions.

After PTI member Asad Umar criticized Chairman Imran Khan’s stance on refusing negotiations with the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), PTI swiftly hit back by accusing the senior leader of displaying confusion and prioritizing self-interest.

According to the details, PTI shared a scathing two-page-long statement on Twitter late last night following the former secretary general’s interview in which he criticized the policies adopted by the PTI chief.

“Ambiguity and confusion are evident in Asad Umar’s thoughts; Asad Umar’s claims that he stepped down from the duties of secretary general due to disagreements over the chairman’s strategy appear to contradict reality,” the statement read.

The statement said that Asad Umar should have parted ways with PTI if he disagreed with the chairman’s decisions, adding that he “remembered to resign” only now that the party is being targeted under a plan.

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“His personal interest may be hidden in it, but not the party’s,” the statement alleged.

Furthermore, the statement rejected Asad Umar’s claims that the party had refused to negotiate, saying that he is well aware of the numerous efforts made to discuss national issues with these political parties.

While talking to a private TV channel, Asad Umar said PTI’s refusal to negotiate with the PDM was a “big mistake.” He further remarked that blaming some personalities of an institution was akin to blaming not only that institution but also the entire nation and expressed reservations about the PTI chairman’s current course of action.

“I do not agree with the current strategy of the PTI chairman,” Asad Umar said. He, however, made it clear that he has no intention of doing politics in any other party except the PTI.

After the chaos of May 9th, the political tides have turned against former Prime Minister Imran Khan. Many leaders have parted ways with the party since the clampdown on PTI after the May 9 protests that were held following Imran Khan’s arrest.

Asad Umar chose to remain with PTI but announced his resignation from the position of the party’s secretary general following the May 9 riots.

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