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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Ashfaque Satti Shares Message for Fans, Kiran Naz Supports

Renowned news anchor releases a message addressing fans while facing domestic violence allegations, and receives support from Kiran Naz.

Ashfaque Ishaq Satti, a prominent news anchor with over 15 years of experience, finds himself at the center of a massive controversy following domestic violence allegations by his second wife, Nomaika Tahir Mehmood. The allegations surfaced as Nomaika shared pictures and filed an FIR against Satti, accusing him of aggravated assault and attempted murder. The dispute resulted in Satti obtaining pre-arrest bail but also led to his termination from ARY News due to widespread public pressure.

In an attempt to address his fans and share his side of the story, Ashfaque Satti released a video message on social media. Expressing sadness over the public airing of his personal problems, Satti highlighted the character assassination he felt subjected to. He asserted that his fight with his wife was a private matter blown out of proportion, tarnishing his character and creating unnecessary public scrutiny.

Satti also claimed that his third wife, Zara Ansari, was aware of his previous marriages and was supportive initially. However, tensions arose as Nomaika, his second wife, demanded that he divorce Zara. The news anchor lamented the negative impact on his reputation and accused Rabia Anum of personally attacking him without seeking his side of the story, potentially instigating harm to his family.

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Another news anchor, Kiran Naz, known for sharing and promoting misogynistic perspectives in order to appease to her male audience, came to Ashfaque’s defense. According to her, tensions arose when Satti went to Nomaika’s house with his children, leading to a confrontation. Kiran Naz’s attempt to clear Ashfaque’s name sparked controversy, with some defending Satti and others condemning any attempt to justify domestic abuse.

Naz’s involvement in defending Satti has intensified the public discourse, raising questions about the role of media personalities in shaping narratives surrounding domestic violence allegations.