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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Asif Ali posts hilarious video following stellar performance

Pakistani cricketer Asif Ali in the latest video released has hilariously asked the people of Pakistan if they have any other order for him.

Asif Ali was declared the player of the match in the Pakistan-Afghanistan match. Asif Ali with his stellar performance cruised Pakistan to victory after Afghanistan put up a tough fight on Friday.

Asif Ali came into action when Pakistan had to score 24 runs off 12 balls. Ali hit four sixes in the 18th over finishing the match for Pakistan on a high note. The cricketer started trending on social media within a few minutes of the match. One of the greatest feats of Asif Ali was to score 25 runs off just 7 deliveries that landed him as the player of the match.

Cricket fans in Pakistan and all over the world are in awe of the performance put up by Asif Ali. Performances of Asif Ali are resonating the cricketing world hours after the end of the match on Friday night.

“Aur koi hukam Pakistan? [Is there any other order for me, Pakistan?],” said the power-hitter in a tweet after the match.

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“Shukriya @isbunited aur woh sub log jinho ne mere per belief rakha mere mushkil waqt mai,” said the right-hand batter.

In his speech he said, “The boundary was small from this end so I told my partner I’d go for it this over. Thank God we pulled it off.”

“I look at the situation and plan by what it demands. [I see] which bowler has overs remaining, and the field setting,” he elaborated his strategy.

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About his great batting performance, cricketer said, “I told Shoaib that Naveen was bowling well, and from this end, I could even score 25 in an over. So I planned for it.”

Following the match, England’s Ben Stokes predicted that England and Pakistan will be playing in the final of the T20 World Cup 2021.