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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Askari Bank and PIA launch Co-Brand Credit Card

Askari Bank and the PIA launch Co-Brand Credit Card to provide Pakistani consumers with services and diversify options

Askari Bank partnering up with the PIA has launched a Co-Brand Credit Card through which both organizations offer services for Pakistani consumers.

As per a press release by the PIA, Askari Bank and PIA were naturally compatible as they are market leaders in their respective industries.

Thus, the product in mind has been developed, keeping in mind people’s safety and security concerns.

The cards have been released in three tiers, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, each with its respective features, including complimentary PIA loyalty program membership, discounts on PIA tickets, local & international lounge access, accelerated mile earning compared with normal credit cards, priority check-in, generous startup points and much more.

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Speaking at the launching ceremony of Askari-PIA Co-Brand Credit Card held in Islamabad last week, PIA Chief Executive Officer Arshad Malik said that the card would be a true representation of a Pakistani brand. “This card is designed, keeping in view this important but neglected segment.

“It is with great deliberation, research, and the right intentions that we have developed a product that will reward its users greatly by paying them back for their loyalty and trust in our brand.”

EU’s continued ban

Arshad Malik said that the only issue that remained with the EU’s ban on PIA was the issue of pilot licensing; other than that, he said the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) had acknowledged that the PIA had done its part.

He said that PIA was working hard to change the airline’s face in the upcoming years, despite facing numerous challenges.

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Speaking on occasion, Askari Bank President Abid Sattar said that “Askari Bank is one of the country’s leading credit card issuers. PIA is the country’s national airline with a truly remarkable history and a promising future.”

He further said that “We’re truly honored to be associated with our national carrier. This is the first all Pakistani Card where both co-brand partners are locally based. We see great potential in this partnership, and we hope that this will prove to be beneficial for our Pakistani consumers.”

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