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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Assistant Commissioner Burewala “drunk on power” allegedly sues private school security guard

“Assistant Commissioner Burewala, Vehari District, Punjab and guards are seen in seen hassling with a security guard of a private school

“Assistant Commissioner Burewala, Vehari District, Punjab has registered a case against a private school security guard, who had dared to stop the AC Rana Aurangzeb from entering the school, reports Geo”, tweets Pakistan Correspondent to The New York Times, Salman Masood, today. Masood further laments such abuse of power, calling it “shameful and distasteful.”

Masood continues that in the CCTV footage available, the Assistant Commissioner appears “drunk on power”, whilst further criticizing his actions. Masood however adds that the news is yet to be confirmed. Another social media user responded to the tweet with a copy of the FIR launched against the school.

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Some Twitter users praised Masood for highlighting the issue and others proceeded to degrade the officer, claiming power is nearly always misused.


Geo Reports Suit Against Private School Security Guard

Today, around 1 pm, Geo News shared complete details of the incident. The news anchors confirmed that the Assistant Commissioner did in fact visit the school, save to the extent that there was, in fact, no argument initiated by him, rather the officer was merely conducting a survey of the school in order to ensure that SOPs were being followed.

Assistant Commissioner, Rana Aurangzeb told Geo News that his sole objective was to determine how the school was operating. He accepted that he was accompanied by armed guards but confirmed that neither he nor any of his armed guards entered a single classroom.

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Upon further inquiry, Aurangzeb told the news channel that the security guard was denying him entry, despite having verified his identification. Additionally, the officer added that the guard even caused trouble for him and his own guards when they were leaving. Aurangzeb claims this is the sole reason why he has filed a suit against the private school security guard.

The news channel further displayed a copy of the FIR in addition to the CCTV footage where the officer and his armed guards are clearly visible, as is the hassle between themselves and the private school security guard.

The public at large, however, remains infuriated and believes that Assistant Commissioner Burewala has in fact misused his position.

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