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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Atif Aslam refuses to promote Bollywood song after ban on Pakistani artists

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Atif Aslam despite repeated requests from the makers of ‘Das Dev’ has refused to promote his latest Bollywood song ‘Sehmi hai Dhadkan’ in the movie following the ban imposed by the Indian Film Industry on Pakistani artists working in India.

Filmmakers are apparently upset by Atif Aslam’s disinterest in the promotional activities for the movie. They say Atif despite assurance did not take part in the promotional activity.

“Atif said he will do it, but it hasn’t been done. I’m not sure why he isn’t taking part in the activity, but, as a producer, I see that work promised hasn’t been executed,” Kumar said in a statement. Earlier this month, Babul Supriyo made a strong call to ban the Pakistani artists working in the Indian film industry.

He bashed Indian filmmakers for hiring services of Pakistani singers including Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Atif Aslam. He objected to the inclusion of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s voice in ‘Welcome To New York’. In his demand, he further pressed filmmakers to utilize the local talent instead of hiring the services of artists from Pakistani origin.

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To this, Kumar said, “Normally, such statements are made by fringe groups. When a minister says it, it leaves an impact on more people. But we needed Atif for this song. He has 20 million followers on social media. Imagine the kind of traction we would have got had he promoted it.”

Atif Aslam is yet to respond to the claims made by the maker of ‘Das Dev’. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pakistan denounced the imposition of the ban in their official statement.

“It is unfortunate that art and cinema, which bring people together by acting as cultural bridges, are being held hostage to hate and xenophobia,” Foreign Office spokesperson Muhammad Faisal said.

“Unfortunately this decision, following several others, including non-issuance of visas to Pakistani pilgrims, refusal to allow participation of Sikhs and Katas Raj pilgrims, and cancellation of sports matches, underscores the growing intolerance and bias prevalent in India,” Faisal said.