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Monday, July 15, 2024

Atif Aslam reveals the reason of split of Jal band

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Pakistan’s pop icon Atif Aslam in his latest interview to an online show opened up about the reasons for the breakup of Jal band. Atif Aslam talked about the dispute he had with his bandmates Gohar Mumtaz and Farhan Saeed that parted the ways of the Jal band.

In his interview to “Speak Your Heart with Samina Pirzada”, Atif Aslam spoke about the creation and split of the band. Aslam said he was introduced to his bandmates through a senior student at college who suggested they should work together, hence that way Jal band was created and he joined them as a lead vocalist.

While speaking about the split Atif said, “My brother was managing Jal, not as a favor but because he was working in marketing. So when we started attracting audiences and people started calling us for shows, I suggested that since my brother was already managing us, he should do this full-time and work for us. A monetary discussion never happened.”

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Soon, fellow Jal member Gohar Mumtaz suggested his brother could manage the band as well, which ticked Aslam off. “It came down to who was earning more money and that annoyed me. Gohar then went on to ditch me while we were rehearsing for a concert to represent the band on a channel – a band, both of us were part of – singlehandedly,” he said.

“And then he lied about my absence, saying a family member had died so I couldn’t make it. I was called to corroborate this, I told them the truth.” “I knew if I had talent and passion for music, I did not need certain name or label to make me successful,” Aslam said. “And Alhamdulillah, I was right”, said Dil Diyyan Gallan singer.

Atif Aslam, who seldom reveals his inner world to the audiences talked about his family, childhood, and his journey towards the music which was a rare experience for his millions fan and followers. Atif said he was passionate to play cricket for Pakistan during his adolescence. He even skipped his for practice sessions. It was when he moved to Rawalpindi from Lahore he realized about the gift of his voice.

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“I started ditching my classes for some cricket trials that might be happening anytime soon. And I did that for quite some time,” the Pehli Nazar singer revealed. “After a while, my father came to find out and that’s when I gave cricket up”, said Atif Aslam.

During college, Aslam happened to participate in a music competition and came out as the winner. However, even then, he was unaware of his musical prowess. “My father was transferred from Lahore to Rawalpindi and our house was empty. I remember I sang with all my might. I became scared of my own voice,” he continued. “That’s when I realized I had a gift,” added Atif.