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Atif Aslam’s new song gets 1.7 million views in one day on YouTube

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Atif Aslam’s latest soundtrack, a rendition of ‘Jab Koi Baat Bigar Jaye’ has more than 1.7 million views within a day of its release on February 7th, 2018. The star singer collaborated with DJ Chetas and Shirley Seita for the song that is currently trending at no.1 on YouTube.

Kumar Sanu sang the original song for the movie ‘Jurm’ in 1990 that featured Vinod Khanna. The trio involved in this song surprisingly crashes a wedding in Thailand to perform their new song for a couple. Like popular music of its time, the song speaks of the promises made to people we love. 

The video of the song shows it was recorded in Dubai, while the shooting was completed in Thailand at an exotic beach.  

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The contemporary rendition of the song still dissipates the same feelings like its original version. Both the singers have successfully kept the soul of the song intact.

The song seems to be a perfect treat for people anxiously waiting for Valentine’s Day which is next week.

Champak Jain, Director of Venus Worldwide Entertainment says “Venus takes pride to revamp an old classic ‘Jaab Koi Baat’. It’s great that we’re able to revamp some of the old tunes. There are some beautiful melodies and lyrics and when given a modern twist, help introduce the youth to the classics & ‘Jaab Koi Baat’ is undoubtedly one such romantic classic.”

“The reworked, retuned version of yesteryear’s hit will have everyone love the tune. Our revamped and rejuvenated version has enhanced the energy to a different level altogether,” says singer Atif Aslam.

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Shirley Setia adds “Reworking an old classic & presenting it before youngsters, definitely brings the two generations closer together. ‘Jaab Koi Baat’ is a classic; we have given it a new feel & flavor. We hope the audience likes it.”

  • 1.4K


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