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Saturday, April 13, 2024

“Tajdar Haram” is the first Pakistani video to bag 100 million views

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The famous Qawwali “Tajdar-e-Haram” from Coke Studio’s season 8 has become the first Pakistani video on YouTube to cross 100 million views. The analytics of the song also suggests that song has received over 5 million engagements and is viewed in over 186 countries in the world since its release.

The song sung by Atif Aslam opened the season 8 of Coke Studio and was an instant hit after its release.

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General Manager of Coca-Cola Pakistan Rizwan U Khan has expressed his joy and hope that other songs from this musical platform will join the league.

“Coke Studio continues to break records and over the years it has driven the cultural leadership agenda of Pakistan, celebrating diversity while bridging barriers relevant to the youth of today, “and now we are looking forward to Season 11 next year raising the bar even higher.

The composition was originally sung by Sabri brothers-Maqbool Ahmed Sabri and Ghulam Fareed Sabri. Afterwards slain Amjad Fabri Sabri sang the ‘Qawali’ with same Sufi spirit.

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Sufi Qawwali has been re-composed in different versions from time to time. However, Shiraz Uppal produced the Coke Studio’s version and powerful vocals of Atif Aslam made this Qawwali a mesmerizing Sufi number that certainly gave every listener goosebumps.

Coke Studio, however, has not only become the most popular musical sessions in Pakistan but it has been receiving tremendous praises from all over the world including India. Other songs like “Afreen Afreen” sang by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan too gained popularity. In recent years, Coke Studio with continuous innovations has raised the bar. 

Atif Aslam, however, revealed that earlier it was planned to keep the song for his album.

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“Tajdar-e-Haram was actually produced by songwriter Shiraz Uppal. When Coke Studio approached me, I thought why not perform it on the show” said Atif Aslam.