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Friday, April 12, 2024

Attock taxi driver raped woman in front of son

The taxi driver threatened the victim with violence if she filed a complaint against him.

A woman was raped and sexually assaulted by a man at gunpoint in the presence of her son on Monday in Rawalpindi, as per the police, reported Dawn. A taxi driver, identified as Iftikhar, was arrested in relation to the case in Attock, the Rawalpindi police confirmed on Tuesday.

The victim, in her FIR lodged with the Naseerabad police, stated that she took her son to a spiritual healer in Attock as he was not feeling well. She said she had hired a taxi to go to Attock and return home at Naseerabad.

The police disclosed that the victim was on her way back to Rawalpindi. “She had booked a taxi to take her son to a pir (religious healer). On her way back, the suspect, identified as Iftikhar, raped her at gunpoint in front of her son,” the FIR stated.


The taxi driver stopped the vehicle at a deserted place and held her at gunpoint and sexually assaulted her. Per their investigation, the assailant raped the woman and snatched the son’s cell phone after thrashing him.

“The suspect threatened to kill her if she disclosed it to anybody. She alleged that the suspect beat her son and also snatched her mobile phone” the police continued. Dawn confirmed that the suspect dropped the woman and her son along a roadside in Chowki Hameeda area and sped off. The victim was able to note the registration number of the vehicle and informed the police.

The Naseerabad police registered an FIR after the initial medical examination report. According to the police, the perpetrator also threatened the woman that he would kill her son if she did not submit herself to him and/or complained against him thereafter.

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Iftikhar was arrested after a special police team was formed by the Rawalpindi police. Samaa News confirmed that a case has been registered against him.