Audi RS3 2022 launched as most powerful RS

Is Audi RS3 worth it? This car has been optimised for the track, which is unique at this price. Even a close S3 costs $50,000. BMW's M2 is gone, while Mercedes' CLA45, while similar in price, has one less cylinder and isn't as track-ready. The RS3 may be worth it for some. Then what?

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The all-new 2022 RS 3 model boasts clever, responsive performance as the most powerful and dynamic RS yet. The all-new 2022 RS 3 model boasts clever, responsive performance as the most powerful and dynamic RS yet. You’ll want to do it again and again and again.

If your perception of the new car segment is shaped solely by SUV after SUV, you’re missing out on a slew of exciting possibilities for enthusiasts right now. Even if you can’t find a dealer or stomach the markups on crossovers and the like, there are still exciting possibilities for people looking for more affordable thrills.

A few examples include the $40k 2023 Nissan Z, and Audi’s $58,900 RS 3 sedan, both of which are expected to go on sale in 2019. Every attempt to find a balance that no supercar has ever had to face, delighting passionate drivers without simultaneously pricing them out of play. Audi would have us believe that the RS 3’s charisma comes from its five-cylinder engine, but don’t be deceived.

Audi’s term for an electronic multi-disc clutch on each of the rear driveshafts is the standard RS Torque Splitter. By using drive mode wizardry and a pair of fast-spinning worm gears, the RS 3 can transfer engine torque selectively to the left or right. Torque vectoring is unlocked automatically, in the background, and it works like a charm.

These features include lane departure warnings, adaptive cruise control with lane keeping assistance, dynamic front and rear LED lights with turn signals, and park assist. Both of these features are available as $350 add-ons for Audi Side Assist, which also includes rear cross-traffic assistance and exit alerts.

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The RS Technology Package, which costs $2,750, includes Audi Connect Plus, navigation, a Bang & Olufsen audio system, and traffic sign recognition. While the head-up display is helpful, wearing polarised sunglasses can make it harder to see.

A strong case may be made that the 2022 RS 3 represents the pinnacle of Audi performance at this time. Speed and comfort are still at the core of this vehicle’s design, but it has been given a facelift to better reflect its unique personality. BMW’s closest competitor to the M2 coupe is the M3 sedan, which starts roughly $11,000 more expensive than the Audi. Mercedes-CLA AMG’s 45 Coupe (which is actually a four-door) is cheaper, but it lacks power and torque vectoring.

The RS 3’s new party trick is what makes it feel so unique.. There’s performance, yes, but it’s in a car that’s willing to experiment with it. Aside from its odd engine, even if you don’t get to a track day (which you should), the eager Audi can dance just as nicely out in the open on conventional roads.

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