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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Australian batsman Usman Khwaja and Rachel Mclellan’s wedding

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Australian-Muslim Cricketer Usman Khwaja tied the knot with the 22-years old stunning Rachel Mclellan in a private ceremony in Queensland. According to media reports Rachel Mclellan has converted to Islam despite being raised a Catholic in Brisbane.

The couple announced their engagement in July 2016, on their trip to New York. Later, following the Islamic traditions the Imam performed a traditional Muslim commitment ceremony ‘Nikah’ last year.

According to the reports it was Rachel’s own decision to convert to Islam, as she says she was not pressurized by Australian batsman Usman Khwaja to convert to Islam. ‘I never was going to put a gun to Rachel’s head and say you have to convert,’ Usman said.

‘I told her I would prefer her to convert but she has to do it on her own. Unless it comes from you, comes from the heart, then there is no point doing it.’ ‘[I felt] no pressure from him, not any pressure from his family. I just knew it was so important to him,’ Rachel added.

Usman Khwaja said he faced backlash from his community members as people called his relation with Rachel ‘Haram’ since she was a non-Muslim. ‘A lot of times a lot of the hate I get is from other Muslims on social media,’ he said.

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‘We will put up a photo of us two, and it will be like, “Oh she’s not Muslim. That’s haram, you can’t marry her”.’

Rachel Mclellan is the sister of American comedian Jeremy Mclellan. Jeremy Mclellan is immensely popular in Pakistan for his pro-Pakistan/Muslim approach. He has developed a keen interest in Pakistan and is, more than often, all praise for the country after his recent visit.

On several occasions, he has defended Pakistan in his tweets. He recently confronted the backlash from Indians when he criticized Indian Government for brutal killings in disputed Kashmir. People from India accused Mclellan of being heavily paid from Pakistan to make such tweets. He takes it as an opportunity to dig puns at the Indians instead!