Altaf Sario

The writer studied Conflict, Security and Development at the University of Sussex (UK) through Chevening award. He writes on conflicts, SDGs, governance and social issues in his personal capacity. Twitter: @AltafSario

Well done with trees! But what about water governance?

"Impoverished people in less developed countries mainly depend on soil, rivers and forests for their basic needs of food, water and fire. Small financial...

Governance Challenges in Ex-FATA region

The post-conflict reconstruction (PCR) is never a smooth affair, necessitating the imperative of security, justice, governance and socio-economic well being of the people. The...

Pakistan’s strategic brilliance through New Political Map highlighting Kashmir issue

Pakistan unveiled it's updated political map on 4th August officially incorporating Gilgit-Baltistan (till Karakoram pass), Sir Creek, Ex-princely states of Manavadar and Junagarh and...


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