The right to liberty and law of bail in Pakistan

The right to liberty and personal freedom is universally recognized as a basic and fundamental right of every individual. On this note, Barrister Pansota talks about the intricacies of laws regarding the right to bail and when bail can be canceled.

How to uplift the people of Balochistan

Rahim Baloch, the owner of Mehran Hotel in Karachi, is a UAE national with Pakistani ancestry. He has a few hotels in Dubai also....

Questioning FATF’s prejudice against Pakistan

Pakistan continues to be on FATF's grey list which makes us wonder whether or not FATF is deliberately being unfair to Pakistan. Muhammad Akhtar questions FATF's reputation and how it is falling for India's propaganda of keeping Pakistan isolated from the international community.

B3W vs BRI: More than just a competition between US & China?

Abdul Samad Khan talks about the Belt and Road Initiative by China and the Build Back Better plan by the G7 countries and what this will mean for the rest of the world. He further points out how both these plans are different from each other and not a matter of competition as the world is perceiving it to be.

Rise of Taliban: Afghanistan going back to square one?

With the US leaving Afghanistan, hopes abounded that the Afghan refugees living in Pakistan would return back to their country. However, according to Hamza Qamar, chances of that happening are deteriorating every day because the Taliban are consistently gaining ground and not ready to compromise over the established democratic system in Afghanistan.

Why must Suez Canal and Egypt be included in the US’s Indo-Pacific Strategy?

The Indo-Pacific region is emerging as a new economic system that is focused on the free and reliable flow of trade between the West...

India manipulating FATF through its defense purchases?

According to Amjed Jaaved, India is manipulating FATF. With its illegal military endeavors and support to militants in Pakistan and Afghanistan, India should have the top spot in FATF's grey list. However, because India has conducted defense deals with France and the US, it is able to evade the list.

Middle Eastern interventionism galore: Neither US nor Chinese policies alleviate

A recent analysis of Middle Eastern states’ interventionist policies suggests that misguided big power approaches have fueled a vicious cycle of interference and instability over the...

Why the people of AJK put their confidence in PM Khan’s PTI

Muhammad Ayaz Khan highlights the reasons that led to PTI's success in AJK's recent elections. He further talks about the opposition parties' reaction and how they started their blame game of rigged elections. This should be a point of concern for PTI when they target the 2023 Pakistan General Election.

The “New Quad” is a geostrategic masterstroke for Pakistan

Recently, the US announced a new Quad alliance with Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan for Afghan peace. According to Andrew Korybko, a Russian political analyst, with the new Quad, Pakistan aims to achieve 5 important strategic goals which would help it to balance the major powers of the world.

Are expecting Pakistani women ready to get vaccinated?

Despite vaccines being declared safe, there is a dilemma regarding the safe administration of vaccines to expecting mothers. However, after reviewing the latest medical news from the West, Dr. Aneela Kamil thinks Pakistan should follow the West's example and encourage pregnant women to get vaccinated.

India’s partition: The reality of how and why it happened

The partition between India and Pakistan was a major event in the Sub-continent's history. While highlighting all the important incidents that took place, Mr. Zia thinks that the entire process of partition was a botched affair and could have been managed in a better way.