“Awaami Sawari” is no more!

Pakistani Motorcycles Market is declining and the company has blamed inflation making the “Awaami Sawari” is no more affordable for the public

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Pakistani Motorcycles Market is relatively declining in 2022. Lack of components hindered the production and the trend improved marginally in the 2nd quarter with sales down 4.3 percent in April and 0.1 percent in May, with Year-to-Date May data at 736.732. (-6.7 percent).

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Trends and Perspectives in Pakistani Motorcycles Industry Trend

Following the 15.2 percent recovery executed last year, the Pakistan motorcycles market was projected to consolidate the recovery in 2022, but the first quarter sentence is below expectations and may jeopardize the overall year performance.

Because of the high import duties, 99.9 percent of automobiles sold in Pakistan are manufactured domestically. However, many components are imported from outside, primarily from China, and the scarcity of these raw materials is the primary reason for the sales losses.

Sales in the first quarter of 2022 were 435.796 (-8.1 percent), and projections for the second quarter are much more negative, given that supplies from China are constrained by covid19 lockdowns.

In the second quarter the trend improved marginally with sales down 4.3% in April and 0.1% in May, with Year-to-Date May figures at 736.732 (-6.7%).

The market leader Honda has been able to marginally increase sales (+1.2%) and even the other Japanese (Suzuki and Yamaha increased sales) while local manufacturers are struggling for raw material short supply.

New Suzuki Bike Prices

Suzuki GD110S has seen a jump of Rs. 7,000. The bike’s new price is Rs. 219,000 against the old rate of Rs. 212,000.

The price of the Suzuki GS150 has been increased by Rs. 7,000, and it will now cost Rs. 239,000 against the previous rate of Rs. 232,000.

The price of the third bike, Suzuki GS150SE, has been increased by Rs. 7,000, and now you will have to buy it for Rs. 256,000 compared to its previous price of Rs. 249,000.

Lastly, the company has increased the price of Suzuki GR150 by Rs. 10,000 as its new price is Rs. 349,000 against the last rate of Rs. 339,000.

As expected, the company has blamed inflation as a reason behind this hike in prices. Unfortunately, the “Awaami Sawari” is no more affordable for the public.