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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Azam Swati approaches IHC out of fear for life behind bars

Senator Azam Khan Swati went before the Islamabad High Court on Monday to discuss that he fears for his life while in custody.

Senator Azam Khan Swati appealed before the Islamabad High Court on Monday to discuss the complaints made against him for tweeting disparaging remarks about top military commanders.

In a petition, Swati claimed that the Federal Investigation Authority (FIA) had brought an action against him in accordance with the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA).

The senator said in his appeal that, while in jail, he had experienced the harshest abuse. He claimed to have knowledge of the possibility of his murder while in detention.

“Azam Swati can be subjected to any sort of inhuman treatment,” read the petition, seeking the details of the cases registered against him.

In his plea, the PTI leader argued that his situation required the protection of fundamental human rights. According to the plea, Swati should not be sent to another location and cases have been brought against the senator in Sindh.

The appeal included the participation of the federal government, the FIA, and the inspector generals of Sindh and Balochistan.

After Senator Azam Swati was brought before the judge, a court in Islamabad authorised his two-day physical remand on Sunday.

After hearing arguments from the attorneys for Swati and the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Magistrate Waqas Ahmed Raja read the judgement that he had reserved. Only two of the eight days requested by the FIA for Swati’s physical detention were actually granted.

The investigating officer informed the court during the hearing that the senator was detained because of certain contentious tweets he had posted. The FIA is attempting to recoup the senator’s mobile device, Twitter account, and other assets, he added.

According to him, “Azam Swati is confessing that he sent the tweet.”

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The statement that was made was in front of everyone, the senator additionally informed the court.

However, Swati’s attorney Babar Awan argued that the tweets did not adhere to the parts listed in the initial information report. The magistrate held off on rendering a decision in the case after hearing the arguments.

The PTI politician was detained early on Sunday from his farmhouse in Chak Shahzad, Islamabad, for criticising high military officials. The case against the senator has been filed on the basis of a complaint by FIA Technical Assistant Anis ur Rehman. Libel and the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act have been filed in the case.

In accordance with Sections 500, 501, 505, and 109, the senator has been detained. The previous month, he was likewise detained in accordance with the same rules.