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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Azhar Mahmood defends Azam Khan having street food in USA after India’s match

Soon after the defeat against India, a video of him savoring the street in the USA dropped on social media

Assistant Manager of Pakistan Cricket Team Azhar Mahmood defends the street food outing of Azam Khan after the defeat against India. A video of Azam Khan circulated on social media enjoying street food in the USA.

Azam Khan was dropped for the match against India after failing to perform against the USA. Soon after the defeat against India, a video of him savoring the street in the USA dropped on social media. Pakistan lost the match by six runs against India which they were supposed to win.

Talking about the morale of the Pakistan Cricket Team after two consecutive defeats from the USA and India, Azhar Mahmood defended Azam Khan.


During the press conference, a journalist enquired about the video of Azam Khan. Responding to his question, Azhar Mahmood said:

“Did you see the match day? Brother, cricket is played on the ground. There is life beyond cricket. You were there. I’m telling you, you were there. I saw you there too. The thing is, we are a very emotional nation. It’s not possible that if you lose a match, your life will be over. How will you do it? If you lose a match and then come to your room and bang the walls, you need a little time to relax your mind,” Mahmood said.

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Mahmood also pointed out that it is common for teams to go out for dinner after a defeat, not just the Pakistani side.

“Our players are not different. I’ve been with English teams, too. When they go out to eat, that’s their entertainment. Now tell me, who’s not following a diet plan? All the teams in the world do it. When we lose, we feel that we are not following this or that. If we had won, you wouldn’t be asking me this question,” he added.