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Bakhtawar Bhutto, Maheen Taseer step in to defend Reham Khan

After Reham Khan and her son were verbally attacked at a park in London, many have come forward applauding Reham for staying calm and have condemned the incident.

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Females of leading political families spoke in defense of Reham Khan in the wake of recent multiple incidents of bullying she encountered. Maheen Taseer, the daughter-in-law of deceased former governor of Punjab Salman Taseer, and Bakhtawar Bhutto, the daughter of Benazir Bhutto lashed out at people demonizing Reham Khan on social media. Sherry Rehman also condemned the London park incident.

Maheen Taseer took to Twitter and bashed comedian Zaid Ali over his recent row with Reham Khan. Reham Khan and Zaid Ali had a heated exchange of tweets in which the comedian criticized Reham Khan for calling Imran Khan a drug addict in her controversial book.

Maheen Taseer schooled Zaid Ali for respecting women. She asserted that people cherish Zaid Ali for his comedy and he should be restricted to that. She stated that Zaid Ali should refrain from woman shaming and reminded him that he has a wife too.

In another tweet Maheen Taseer, referring to the recent controversy of a woman trolling Reham Khan, lashed out at the supporters of Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf for directing abusive behavior towards Reham Khan. She stated that people must not violate the boundaries of respect.

Simiarly Bakhtawar Bhutto, the sister of Bilawal Bhutto also expressed her appreciation for Reham Khan over calmly responding to the insolent behavior of woman filming her in the UK. She called out the PTI supporters for harassing Reham Khan and asked Imran Khan to teach his followers moralities.

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She wrote: “All the video did was made me a fan of @RehamKhan1 for being so patient & tolerating troll harassment,” Bakhtawar tweeted.

“The PTI supporter should spend less time harassing another woman & stop leader worshipping someone who has been aggressively against women rights and pro Taliban justice,” she added.

Despite all the condemnation and discourse over the issue from various dignitaries there continues to be the exchange of hard comments between PTI supporters and former wife of Imran Khan, Reham Khan.

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  1. Bitches defending a bitch. I wonder the woman in the vedio did not ask Reham’s Sissy boy, to take her where he can’t get well paid.

    • Stop calling women and our country’s daughters / sisters bitches or any such dirty word . It only reflects on your poor upbringing . Dirty mind will speak dirty words . HOW DARE YOU 😡

  2. Reham is gaining fame from imran popularity, nothing more just like to play pushtoon card saying are you pushtoon. Shame on you. Being a pustoon I’m feeling shame

  3. Imran proposed to Reham and not the other way round. The issue is that Reham did not play the “docile onlooker”to Imran”s behaviour.
    Reham seemed an independent mind and was destined to have a confrontation.
    Reham was caught up in a situation where asking for divorce a second time would be a tough so she tried remodel the man.
    The people of Pakistan generally loved her as the National Bhabi-not bad but life has many surprises for everyone.
    Reham has exposed a lot of faces. That shows we are all human and err, true to our legacy.
    Sure this will go on but there must be as much be as much decency in deceit and debauchery as anywhere else.
    The cultural value system is continuing to open up. Everyone has a right to life, liberty, property and flying in the air or swimming in the pool with the chosen dress one wishes as well as the allowance of the system.
    Imran has been swinging rather wildly. The last cutter he has bowled has stumped millions.

  4. This is the dilemma with Pakistan and Pakistanis .
    You can’t call a chor a chor you can’t call a traitor a traitor . That lady whose main aim is to please Pakistan s enemies was giving interview to Indian channels and that brave girl caught her red handed . Instead of getting ashamed she started arguing with her . DOWN WITH TRAITORS DOWN WITH CHORE


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