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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Balochistan police kills flood victim

Police on Thursday allegedly opened fire on flood victims, who had gathered in a large numbers to receive relief goods, reportedly to disperse them, killing a young man while injuring another in Balochistan’s Jaffarabad district.

According to reports, the Balochistan Police opened fire on flood victims who were seeking aid in the Jaffarabad district of Balochistan, killing one and injuring another.

Details indicate that following the incident, the injured individual and the deceased, 25-year-old Naurez, were both transferred to the district hospital in Jaffarabad.

In this regard, Abdul Hai Baloch, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of the Balochistan Police, stated that the guilty police officer needed to be detained and that a case would be filed against him.

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The flood victims gathered close to the Cattle Farm Police Station, where an international NGO was giving humanitarian aid, according to a witness to the incident. Police officers then started firing to scatter the crowd.

Following the incident, flood victims blocked the road in protest and appealed for justice for the deceased, while chanting slogans against the police and the government.

Meanwhile, the DIG along with other senior police officers arrived at the scene and negotiated with the flood victims, and assured them of justice.

Floods from the torrential rains caused rivers, canals, and lakes to overflow; wiped out entire villages; inundated highways; devastated millions of acres of crops, and made millions of people homeless. We ran out of adjectives to describe the rainfall: unprecedented, incessant, epic, biblical, and apocalyptic.

We ran out of intelligible numbers to capture the predicament: 15 inches of rain in a day; 44,000 square miles of land flooded; two fathoms of water over towns, homes, and schools; nearly 1,700 dead; some 33 million people affected. And now, after a brief spell of international interest, we are running out of attention.

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The spectacular images of people and animals being saved from drowning and people fleeing homes carrying possessions in bundles on their heads are passed. The tempestuous velocity of water, the menacing roiling, is over. The floods converged on low-lying southeastern Sindh province, which acts as a natural drain for the country with the Indus River’s passage to the sea.