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Friday, May 17, 2024

Bangladeshis takeover streets against burning of Holy Quran in Sweden

Muslims in Bangladesh urged international communities to shun Islamophobia.

Thousands of Bangladeshis held demonstrations in the capital city of Dhaka on Friday to protest the burning of the Holy Quran in Sweden and Israeli aggression against Palestinian Muslims.

Demonstrators marched the banner of Islami Andolan Bangladesh, one of the largest Islamic political parties in the country.

They carried colorful banners and festoons, calling on all peace-loving people and world leaders to speak up against the prevailing anti-Muslim campaigns in different parts of the world.

Speakers urged Muslim countries and the big platform of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to play an effective role against Israel and other Islamophobic propaganda in different countries.

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“It’s our earnest request to the OIC as well as the United Nations and other global leaders not to discriminate against Muslims and not to dishonor the holy Quran which is the most respectful thing for millions of Muslims across the world,” said Mufti Syed Mohammad Rezaul Karim, leader of Islami Andolan Bangladesh.

He said Sweden is a very civilized state and such a hateful act of burning the holy divine book of a community in that country is very “unfortunate.”

On Thursday, Rasmus Paludan, a Danish-Swedish politician and leader of the far-right Stram Kurs (Hard Line) party, reportedly burned a copy of the Quran in the southern city of Linkoping.

Speakers urged those who are fond of spreading Islamophobic speeches to read the Quran where they would find the Muslims’ holy book respects Moses and Jesus Christ, whom Jews and Christians, respectively, consider as their holy prophets.

Referring to the strong voice of the United Nations and big countries against human rights violations in Ukraine, speakers criticized the same entities are inactive against oppression against Muslims.

The Bangladesh government condemned the burning of the Quran in Sweden and the aggression against Palestinians.

“Bangladesh strongly condemns the act of burning of the Holy Quran by a far-right extremist group in several cities of Sweden. Bangladesh expresses concern over the subsequent unrest and violent protests leading to casualties among civilians and law enforcement personnel,” according to a foreign ministry statement issued Wednesday.

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In a separate statement issued Monday, the government said: “Bangladesh expresses deep concern over the violations of basic civil norms, international human rights laws and international accords by the Israeli forces which has invoked sympathy of millions of oppressed people around the world.”

Anadolu with additional input by GVS News Desk