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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Bari Imam: A heaven for drug dealers?

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Bari Imam has become a drug and alcohol station for the drug dealers allegedly with the aid of Secretariat Police Station. According to details, a drug dealer’s gang is active in supplying drugs and liquor to Quid-e-Azam University, Urdu University and other education institutions in the vicinity of Bari Imam.

Sources said that local Police is well aware of the crimes but is reluctant to go against the booming criminal business in the area. Reliable sources revealed that Bari Imam is a hub of the drug dealers and criminals.

Sources further revealed that Bari Imam Check Post in charge Shaukat Abbasi allegedly receives monthly in exchange for turning a blind eye to the overt illegal activities. Dhakki Mohallah in Bari Imam is quickly becoming another “Sohrab Goth” for the drug dealers.

Sources believed that one folio of drug is being sold for Rs. 200 to Rs. 300 in the university and the suburban area of Bari Imam.  Sources said that most of the drug dealers have already been caught by the police in the past but after their release, they have continued their illegal business.

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Ch. Hafez and his brother Ch. Hameed are allegedly running the racket of drug dealers. Both of them have repeatedly been caught and remained behind the bar for drug smuggling. There are many cases of 9C and 9B registered against them in local police station.

Sources further said that Police Check post Bari Imam is very lucrative post and a heavy “Sifarish” is the only option to get the posting there. Bari Imam Police Check post is deemed one of the best and important check posts of the capital area.