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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Battle of Brands: Pepsi warns Careem of legal action

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The Pepsi Pakistan warned online cab service Careem Pakistan of a possible legal case for using the former’s name without permission.

Yesterday, Careem Pakistan tried to offer its customer a free Pepsi since they do not have promotions. Pepsi Pakistan, however, did not keep its cool and jumped in the conversation. According to them, Careem Pakistan used their brand name in a derogatory way.

Pepsi Pakistan tweeted, Please refrain from using our brand name without permission.

The Careem Pakistan, however sarcastically commented to the Pepsi Pakistan and said “pLeASe reFRAIn fRoM twEeTIng aT uS, GuYS and gIRls”, tweet Careem Pakistan.

In another tweet, Careem Pakistan snapped back at Pepsi Pakistan with a hilarious comment “Wow. A bit too sensitive? :).”

In the final comment though Pepsi Pakistan warned Careem Pakistan of legal notice.

“We will see who’s sensitive after you receive a legal notice”, tweeted Pepsi Pakistan.

Apparently, Careem Pakistan retreated from the discussion after receiving a warning from Pepsi Pakistan.

Meanwhile, the social media users on Twitter enjoyed the bizarre exchange of tweets between the two popular brands in Pakistan.

People jumped in the conversation with their own banter, while some trolled Careem Pakistan other took a dig at Pepsi Pakistan for being overly sensitive regarding the use of their brand name.

A user while expressing his thought on the brawl anticipated that this might be a joint attempt by both the brands to merely gain the attention on social media.

A day earlier, Pepsi Pakistan shared the news with their followers that Careem Pakistan is their official partner for the upcoming concert of Pepsi Battle of Bands winner in Karachi. Pepsi Pakistan stated that Careem Pakistan will be giving a 20% discount to the riders going for Pepsi concert.

Hence, the anticipation of a commentator might be accurate.