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Friday, May 17, 2024

Be the Change – Change the World

To bring change and civility among societies and communities, it is important that every individual must clearly understand what he wants from himself, and from the people around him and how to reject conformity and adopt new ideas and technologies.

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become, “Carl Jung said it years ago before the Transgender campaign. The choice remains in the hands of individuals, societies, and countries as to what they choose to become. The blame can not be attributed to situations or circumstances. It’s the choices that one exercise to become what he eventually turns out to be. Individuals have perhaps limited vision due to education or limited exposure, therefore they get confused and completely lost in the process and realize later in their lives that they could not achieve their dreams because of the blamed circumstances. However, people who have clarity in their heads would take chances and would be determined to meet their dreams and destiny.

In the subcontinent, parents have become the biggest hindrance for the youth to follow their dreams. To earn and meet the family requirements is probably necessary but at the same time, enough freedom must be gained to make mistakes and follow one’s interests and passions.

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Understanding the matter better

It is not important to become a doctor or engineer or lead a family enterprise while someone has a passion for writing, painting, or technology. Most of the subcontinental children sacrifice their dreams for their false family values and traditions while suffering for the rest of their lives.

Similarly, societies and communities bow down to falsified traditions and beliefs, the orthodoxy benefits some but overall, in the society cruelty prevails. Most societies are being used and manipulated by the elite to serve their interests. The elite use patriotism, religion and ethnicity to their advantage for their self-perseverance. The elite legislates and forms the rules but conveniently bend the legal system to their advantage. The societies and communities become the beneficiary of the elite and chose to close their eyes and become brutal in the process without realizing what will happen to the next generations. Society refuses to demand justice and fairness, simply because of their own petty interests and benefits.

The evolution of the minds takes many more years in the uneducated and poor countries primarily because the elite and intellectuals of those countries have sold their souls to the elite and establishment to serve their interests. The truth and main issues are never discussed rather innocent people are distracted by frivolous religion and patriotic talk. The emotions are used to create smoke screens about objectives. The elite ensures that law enforcement remains the last priority and that justice may not be delivered to ordinary men. Misogyny, nepotism, and opportunism prevail, and people should remain dependent on the elite. It is ensured that systems and processes are not made and the common man should always look for help from the imposter benefactors. The social system of these countries chose to have a tunnel view and the common man completely lost hope on any system and justice.

The leaders in these countries try their utmost not to come into any digital framework, the transparency, clarity and accountability do not suit them. The leaders always want to hide behind religious traditions, national security and incompetence of bureaucratic procedures. Adaptation of new technology and new business models is death to their survival. Countries chose to remain in chaos and keep serving the brutality of the so-called elite.

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People read about the complete injustice and atrocities day in and day out but all of them think that they are too small to bring any change and that’s the way life is in third-world countries. No one dares to challenge rather they believe that this is the cost of being in these countries.

The adaptation of new ideas and thoughts remains an extremely slow process as the status quo keeps hammering the idea that old ways of life are the best way forward. The status quo keeps trying that no one should question anything and if someone questions he should be punished under the guise of religion, traditions, or nationalism. Open-mindedness remains a serious threat to the status quo forces.

To bring change and civility among societies and communities, it is important that every individual must clearly understand what he wants from himself, and from the people around him and how to reject conformity and adopt new ideas and technologies. It’s no longer that one blames the circumstances and poverty of thought around him.

It’s time to believe in one own self and be the harbinger of new thought. It’s time to demand justice and fairness at every level. It’s time to treat women, transgender and minority with extra respect. It’s time to move towards scientific interventions and deny all the degraded accepted norms. It’s time to move things and be the change.

Be the change yes. Only if one accepts that he can create, innovate and adapt to newness across the globe, society will evolve. Rejecting the old cavalcade and handing over the harness to the youth or youthful thought remains the order of the day.


Moied Javeed is a senior telecom executive in Pakistan and can be reached at mj@tptglobal.net. The views expressed in the article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.