#BehindYouSkipper: PTI leaders support PM Imran Khan as JKT announces split

As Jahangir Khan Tareen announces his split from PTI, a group of PTI leaders and advocates, including Asad Umar, express support for Imran Khan on Twitter.

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Twitter rallied in support of Prime Minister Imran Khan after a faction supporting Jahangir Khan Tareen(JKT) voiced their split within the party in retaliation to the ongoing cases against the PTI leader.

A score of PTI leaders and advocates expressed their support and voice for Prime Minister Imran Khan on Twitter. Trends like #JKTexposedHimself, #BehindYouSkipper flared up on Twitter in support of PM Imran Khan.

“Our leader, our pride! Free from the lust for power, clinging to its principles. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is Imran Khan!,” wrote Maleeka Bokhari, PTI’s legislature, on Twitter.

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Another legislature, Dewan Sachal, from Sindh denounced the JKT faction and voiced his unflinching support for PM Imran Khan and his mission.

Meanwhile, Jahangir Tareen is receiving flak for exuding a thoughtless reaction to his cases. The PTI advocates believe that the reckless reaction of JKT is impeding PM Imran Khan’s fight to root out corruption from the country.

PTI Minister Asad Umar also jumped in and reiterated his support for PM Imran Khan. “I am Asad Umar and i stand with Imran khan @ImranKhanPTI@PTIofficial #IstandWithImranKhan,” said Umar in a tweet. Other advocates called out JKT for threatening PM Imran Khan.

On Tuesday, Jahangir Khan Tareen formalized the split in the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf, when he announced parliamentary leaders of “his group” — both in the National and the Punjab assemblies. This move is likely to have serious implications for the ruling party as the next budget session is just around the corner. Some analysts expect a counter move by Prime Minister Imran Khan

Raja Riaz, a member of the National Assembly from Faisalabad, and the most vocal supporter of Mr. Tareen was named the group’s parliamentary leader in the National Assembly, while Saeed Akbar Niwani in the Punjab assembly.

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The announcement came at a dinner hosted by Mr. Tareen at his residence where, according to Raja Riaz, four more MNAs and as many MPAs had joined the group. This, Raja Riaz claimed, had brought the total strength of the group close to 40.