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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Benjamin Netanyahu questioned again by Israeli police over gifts

Israeli PM is alleged to have accepted ‘favours’ from businesspeople but denies wrongdoing

Israeli police have questioned the prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, for the second time over allegations that he improperly accepted gifts from wealthy businesspeople. Israeli media said investigators had arrived at Netanyahu’s official residence in Jerusalem on Thursday. Questioning on Monday lasted more than three hours. Police had no immediate comment. Few details of the allegations against Netanyahu have been officially released, with Israel’s justice ministry disclosing only that the prime minister was being questioned “on suspicion of receiving benefits from businesspeople”. Israeli media have reported that Netanyahu accepted “favours” from businesspeople in Israel and abroad. Netanyahu has repeatedly denied wrongdoing, portraying the accusations as a witch-hunt against him and his family by a hostile media opposed to his hardline government. He has pointed to previous suspicions raised against him, none of which resulted in any criminal proceedings, as a sign that he has done nothing wrong in this most recent allegation as well. “There won’t be anything because there is nothing,” has been his refrain.

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