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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Best Things You Don’t Know About Denny’s Restaurant

Denny’s, the home of the Grand Slam is such an American staple that you may feel you know everything there is to know about the eatery that calls itself, justifiably, America’s Diner. However, given how long the chain has been in operation across the country, there is bound to be a thing or two only the most ardent, diehard, Denny’s fan would know.

Let’s look at some of the best (and often incredible) facts and details about Denny’s that we didn’t know until we conducted research for this post.

There’s a 55+-Specific Menu

Of all the strangest things we’ve ever come across in the restaurant world, this one must be quite high on the list. You can save money on your Denny’s order if you happen to be fortunate enough to be 55 years and older. It features many of the chain’s most famous dishes like the omelet breakfast and the French Toast Slam. The best thing about this menu is you get to save as much as $2 off the diner’s standard menu prices. 

There is Also a Range of Different Value Menus

If you are not over 55 and looking to save some money on your food from Denny’s, there is a range of value menus available. You can choose from $8, $6, $4 and $2 items. For instance, for breakfast, you could have either pancakes or their delicious French toast for just $2. This is also perfect if you are trying to watch the waistband as well as the bank balance, as the portion sizes are smaller on the value menu than they are on the standard menu. 

Look Out For Online Printable Coupons 

Like most restaurants, Denny’s also offers promotional coupons from time to time. These are a great way to save money on your favorite dishes and snacks from the chain. Whereas in the past you may have to hunt high and low for them, finding Denny’s printable coupons is very easy these days.

They, Seriously Have a Cartoon

That’s right. It’s called the Grand Slams and every episode that has ever been created can be watched on Denny’s official website. They are perfect for those stolen minutes when you have some time to kill, as they all clock in at less than 2 minutes long. These hilarious shorts include the adventures of characters based on the chain’s breakfast foods, Sausage, Egg, Bacon, and Pancake. All we can say is, you’ve got to see them, to believe them.

For a Long Time, Denny’s Wasn’t The Most Secure Establishment

Although it seems rather strange, if incredibly foolish, it’s a fact that Denny’s only started having locks on the doors of the diners from Christmas 1988 onwards. As the chain had always been a 24/7 business, no-one really thought to give any of the doors to their restaurants one important security feature – locks. When it came to closing stores for the first time ever for Christmas, most restaurants either had to have locks installed or look for dusty keys that had not been used since they opened.

You Don’t Have to Choose Between Salty or Sweet

You can have both at Denny’s. Unlike other eateries where you usually need to choose whether you want a sweet or savory breakfast, Denny’s give the people what they want and give you the chance to order both. Take one of the chain’s most famous breakfast dishes, the Grand Slam, as an example. That dish alone includes pancakes, meat, and eggs and can be fully customized to meet your own preferences and wildly ambitious taste buds.