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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Bigg Boss, Salman Khan in trouble over incident of Islamophobia

An Indian reality show's failure to call out an incident of Islamophobia has sparked anger among the fans. One contestant called out another Muslim contestant ‘terrorist’ during a verbal spat. The scene had upset the fans who expected the host Salman Khan to condemn the incident.

Indian reality show, Bigg Boss and host Salman Khan, have been under intense criticism after he failed to condemn an incident of Islamophobia between two contestants. Running its 15th season, the show has now created controversy for a harsh exchange between two contestants.

One contestant called out another Muslim contestant ‘terrorist’ during a verbal spat. The argument broke out between Umar Riaz and Simba Nagpal on the captaincy issue that soon turned into an argument. Umar abused Simba. Simba pushed Umar into a swimming pool in rage and called him a terrorist

The scene had upset the fans and the audience expected Salman Khan to condemn the incident and castigate Simba for his behavior. He, however, completely ignored the subject and talked about other less important matters.

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One user wrote, “Shame on Colours TV and Bigg Boss for cleverly muting the part where Simba called Umar Riaz atankwadi (terrorist) and Salman didn’t even discuss that matter.” The user further added, “Salman Khan, did Umar provoke your Simba even for this Islamophobic comment? The audience is with Umar Riaz.”

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Another user tweeted, “Being a fan of Salman Khan, it pains me to see the way the makers of Bigg Boss 15, hand him over a scripted pitch which holds no truth! Shame on Colors TV. Siimba Nagpal instigated Umar Riaz and everyone is a witness to it.”

I am a doctor & I am so proud of #UmarRiaz I want #UmarArmy to speak up loud for Umar. Morons are demeaning his noble profession calling him… I can’t even think to write that word here. #SimbaNagpal you need a proper class from Salman Khan @BiggBoss #JusticeForUmarRiaz.

The incident had triggered trends on social media calling for the boycott of Big Boss and Salman Khan. Users urged the audience to drop the TRP of the Big Boss show.