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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

‘Oxford graduate’ Bilawal Bhutto shamed for abusing SAPM Shahzad Akbar

Bilawal says the special assistant ‘barks’ against the opposition incessantly, Akbar responds by telling Bilawal he was raised on corrupt money.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, PPP chairman and a graduate of the University of Oxford, has been attracting criticism from different parts of the country since yesterday after a video that showed him abusing SAPM Shahzad Akbar surfaced on social media. In a video circulating on Twitter, Bilawal is seen abusing the Special Assistant to the PM on Accountability and Interior, Mirza Shahzad Akbar.

Bhutto passed derogatory remarks against Akbar while taking a swipe at the incumbent government. While addressing a group of people on his visit to the flood-affected area of Tando Bago in Sindh, he slammed the government for running cases against them.


Bhutto said the special assistant ‘barks’ against the opposition incessantly. He said that while Akbar is running an accountability drive against his family, he should also be held accountable for his undeclared assets and properties.

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Dr. Arsalan Khalid, focal person to PM Khan on social media, wrote, “Let’s make a list of how many from the 15 signatories from the 1st petition condemned @BBhuttoZardari for his abusive words yesterday. Those who won’t should not claim anymore that they have a problem with abuse or they comment/report objectively.”

“oh my God! What happened to us? Lets please go back to basics first, learn how to speak, what to speak, and then try to rule. Bilawal Bhutto is an elected representative & young leader of this country; sad to see what he is teaching to the youth looking up to him 🙁 *Condemnable*,” TV presenter Shiffa Yousafzai wrote on Twitter.


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Akbar also responded to the abusive language used by Bilawal Bhutto against him. “The parents of this child robbed the country with both hands for 3 years and educated the child from Oxford but unfortunately the training does not come from the provision of haraam, just look at the language, Today I also remember Banu Apa who has linked madness in Raja Gadh with haraam sustenance,” wrote Shahzad Akbar in a tweet.