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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Bilawal seconds Gandapur: Demands Judicial inquiry of May 9

“When the next members come here, they shall remember us In their prayers, not abuse.”

In the National Assembly session convened on Monday, Pakistan Peoples Party Chairman, Bilwal Bhutto Zardari echoed the demands for Judicial Inquiry of the May 9 incident which was recently put forwarded by Newly elected KPK CM Ali Amin Gandapur. He also stressed the importance of cooperation and talks among political parties to get Pakistan out of this turbulent times of economic and political crisis. His speech was disrupted several times as protests from the  opposition benches echoed  the parliament.

He said, “I call upon the chief justice Supreme Court of Pakistan (Justice Qaez Faiz Isa) to form a judicial commission and see who are the beneficiaries of May 9,” while making this appeal, he urged all parties, including PTI ,  to accept the commission results. 

He emphasised the rooted-attachment and sacredness of the institutions attacked on May 9. “It is not possible that someone attacks our institution and the memorial of our martyrs and we forget it,” Bilawal stressed. While demanding inquiry , he urged for clarity of the matter  “I will call for the punishment of those proven guilty and I will call for the release of those who are innocent, we cannot take our politics forward unless we address this issue and this is why the PPP appeals to the prime minister to form a judicial commission, Chief Justice Qazi Faez Isa should form the commission.” 

charter of national reconciliation

On the matter of democracy and economy he backed the call by  Newly elected prime minister Shehbaz Sharif  for a charter of national reconciliation. Simultaneously inviting all parties to join hands in this process, “Not only do we endorse it but also appeal to our friends from the opposition that they take part in this process.” 

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“I am the third-generation representative of my family to be elected to this House. When you enter this building, you can see the name of Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto engraved on the foundation stone. By making this democratic institution strong, we will make ourselves and the people of Pakistan strong,” Bilawal said while highlighting the long-standing political participation and role played by his family in this democratic process. 

He stressed mutual cooperation for the well-being of Pakistan, by putting aside the personal interests,  “When the next members come here, they shall remember us In their prayers, not abuse.”