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Thursday, November 30, 2023

Bilawal stooped to the level of PM Khan while responding to ‘Sahiba’ remarks

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Bilawal Bhutto, the chairman of Pakistan People’s Party reacted to the derogatory remarks of ‘Sahiba’ passed by Prime Minister Imran Khan. Taking on PM Khan, Bilawal replied with a similar level of offensive remarks while talking to media outside National Assembly on Thursday.

Bilawal used the term ‘samjhti to refer to premier during his talk. He said “Khan sahib samajhti hai.” while clearly the word is used to refer to women in the language. Bilawal by using a gendered term of ‘samjhti’ made a sexist remark against the premier.

Premier Imran Khan while calling out Bilawal Bhutto in a public rally in Wana on Wednesday stated, “I, unlike Bilawal Bhutto Sahiba, didn’t come to power become of nepotism. I wasn’t handed over a party because of my mother. I worked my way to the top.”

Pakistan People Party reacted strongly to premier’s sexist remarks attacking the gender of Bilawal Bhutto. The party stated that if PM Khan is insulting someone, then it was only himself.

“We all know how he came to power. He should respect his seat”, stated Pakistan People’s Party.

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Bilawal said that if any person refers to a man as a woman then nothing will happen to a man. “But what message does it give to the women of the country? Our PM thinks that being a woman in an insult,” he added.

A day before Bilawal’s retaliatory remarks, PM Khan was under immense criticism, however, these then turned on Bilawal after his retaliatory remarks on Thursday.

The netizens stated that Bilawal stooped low in responding in such a manner to his political opponents and being a young leader he should desist promoting the culture of sexism in the politics of Pakistan.

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On the other hand, Sheikh Rasheed defending PM Khan stated that “There are many people who don’t use the gendered terms correctly,”

“What difference does it make? People don’t need to take it so seriously.” “Even if you paint a donkey, it won’t make him a zebra. A donkey is a donkey and a zebra is a zebra,” added Sheikh Rasheed.