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Thursday, May 23, 2024

BJP’s bid to win elections through false claims backfired: PM Khan

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Prime Minister Imran Khan has bashed Indian government for the war hysteria fuelled by BJP and their subsequent claims of downing a Pakistani F-16 fighter jet in recent air combat. In a tweet released on Saturday, PM Khan hailed the yesterday’s confirmation of US Defence officials endorsing Pakistan’s stance on the use of F-16 fighter jets.

Prime Minister Imran Khan stated, “The truth always prevails and is always the best policy. BJP’s attempt to win elections through whipping up war hysteria and false claims of downing a Pak F 16 has backfired with US Defence officials also confirming that no F16 was missing from Pakistan’s fleet.”

Lara Seligman, a US-based international political analyst in her latest piece for renowned magazine Foreign Policy has rejected Indian claims of shooting down a Pakistani F-16 fighter jet in the February’s air combat between the two nuclear states near Azad and Jammu Kashmir.

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Seligman has reported that the United States of America has counted and confirmed that all the jets are present in Pakistan. Two senior U.S defense officials with direct knowledge of the situation told the magazine that the U.S personnel recently counted Pakistan’s F-16s and found none missing.

The U.S findings directly contradict the Indian claims of shooting down a Pakistani F-16 fighter jet. The Indian government put forth a claim of shooting down a Pakistani fighter jet in retaliation to Pakistan Air Force shooting down its two fighter jets upon the violation of Pakistan airspace.

Ever since the ambiguity loomed if Pakistan Air Force had used F-16 fighter jets in the aerial combat. The ISPR denied the Indian claims and maintained that Pakistan Air Force had resorted to JF-17 fighter jets against India.

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Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan also tweeted and instructed the provincial representatives to visit the Panah Gahs and inquire about the arrangements made there. He also advised them to share the meal with people in Panah Gahs that will better acquaint them problems of the public.