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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Blue Butterfly song is not for Pakistani audience: Singer Danyal Zafar

The mighty social media backlash spurred singer Danyal Zafar to come up with an explanation for his Pakistani audience who were awestruck by the sensual scenes in his latest English song, 'Blue Butterfly'.

After an enormous social media backlash, singer Danyal Zafar clarified that the video of his new song ‘Blue Butterfly’ is not intended for the Pakistani audience.

In the interview with a local media outlet, Danyal Zafar revealed that he is currently working on a few of his English-language albums in Los Angeles and that those songs were not for the Pakistani music listeners. Song Blue Butterfly marked Danyal Zafar’s international debut.

Zafar, when asked about the visuals in the video said: “The entire video is aesthetically shot. It’s just this non-linear expression of art that was explored by the director and I, along with the team.”

He added that he is aware that several people will not be able to connect with the video. Adding that: “We can’t do much about it. It’s a perceptive piece.”

Social media reactions

Danyal Zafar attracted extreme dissension on social media after he posted a short clip from the song. The social media users mocked Danyal Zafar for posting an ‘obscene’ video on social media.


An array of reactions outpoured on social media on his video, with many social media users calling it a ‘lousy attempt at contemporary art’.

Even if it was his international debut, a score of social media viewed it as a failed attempt to imitate western singers. Many questioned if Danyal Zafar was emulating Zayn Malik in his video.


The memes flourished on social media, comparing the song to Tahir Shah’s Eye to Eye and Angel.

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But as per Danyal’s assertion, the song was aimed at a selected audience hence, it received some appreciation too. They appreciated the visuals, music, and lyrics of the song.


His brother, Ali Zafar too appreciated his work and shared the video on his Twitter account.

The song Blue Butterfly is directed by Ash Gupta of 838 Media Group and stars Danyal Zafar and Slovenian actress Inja Zalta.