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Saturday, May 18, 2024

BMW launching motorbikes in Pakistan

The German auto manufacturer will launch motorbikes in three different categories, namely: super sports, touring and retro style bikes.

Pakistan’s automobile market has been in the limelight for all the good reasons; multiple international auto-manufacturers have recently entered the domestic market, rolling out models of a wide range of SUVs and sedans. The most recent development in this regard was the entry of MG Motors into Pakistan’s auto market. But amidst all these car launches – a particular segment of motor users – the bike lovers – have been left out. But that ends now!

The German auto manufacturer BMW, in partnership with Deewan Motors, is gearing up for the launch of Motorrad, the companies’ bike division in Pakistan. Motorrad deals with the production and sales of the German brand’s bikes.

The news came from Karachi, where in an event held at a local mall, three variants of BMW motorbikes set to be launched in Pakistan were showcased. Deewan Motors, BMW’s official partner in Pakistan, is looking to cash in on the tremendous potential of motorbike industry of the country.

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Models to expect? 

Initially, according to reports, motorbikes in three different categories will be launched, namely: super sports, touring and retro style bikes.

To meet the user demands, BMW offers a wide range of bike line-up from sports bikes to street bikes, adventure and trail bikes, and everything in between. You name it – they have it.

Presently, BMW and Deewan Motors have not released the list of models that will be launched, but going by the reports received so far, and the type of users in the country we should expect to see the 310 series and 400 series bikes entering soon.

BMW, which is a luxurious brand, catering only a selected few in the ‘financially strong category’, will most likely face difficulty in attracting customers in the ‘daily use’ category. The premium automotive brand while trying to offer the most technologically advanced products often suffers for not being cost-effective.

Even though BMW will officially launch motorbikes in Pakistan, the prices will remain high as compared to the brand’s manufacturing centres. This is largely owing to the amount of taxes and import duties on finished goods; the bikes will be imported to the country as Complete Built-up Units (CBU) because of a lack of domestic foothold of the company.

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It’s expected that many other foreign brands will also start taking interest in Pakistan’s auto market following BMW, as it moves ahead with its motorbike launch.

In the past year, particularly in the sedan and SUV segment, many vehicles have been launched in the country. KIA’s Sportage and Hyundai’s Tucson have dominated the SUV market while Yaris by Toyota has also generated a number of sales.

Let’s see if BMW, with its motorbikes, is able to generate as much interest as KIA and Hyundai did with their flagship SUVs.