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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Body Corporate Services- Picking The Right Strata Manager

Choosing from the numerous body corporate managers is arduous enough for an individual, but when body corporate members have to be on the same page, it can be difficult to find the right criteria to compare the various firms and the body corporate services they offer.

This is particularly the case when you consider that different cities and states in Australia have varying legislation, compliance requirements and other issues that affect a corporate body. That being said, here are a few key things to look for when choosing a body corporate services provider:


Pick One Who Knows the State Legislation

As mentioned above, each state in the country is different. A body corporate in Queensland is subject to slightly varying regulations compared to other states. Having a body corporate manager aware of body corporate legislation in Queensland as well as the differences is important. A manager with detailed knowledge of the current Queensland’s regulations and any expected alterations can make a huge difference in the efficiency as well as cost-effectiveness of your body corporate.

Transparent Financials

One of the key aspects of an excellent body corporate services provider is having accurate financial information when required. The ability to access the financial documents when needed and have them up to date will help the body corporate committee run much more efficiently. Modern body corporate management companies pride themselves in having accurate and accessible financial information that clients can gain access to whenever they wish.

Proven Results

When picking a body corporate services provider, the experience is undoubtedly a key factor to keep in mind. If they have dealt with an issue before, they will know the solution instantly, rather than spending valuable time trying to come up with a course of action. Look for a strata manager that has years of experience in business management, and so, chances are they have a solution for any problem you might experience.

Easily Accessible

Knowing that the body corporate manager is available at any time gives you some peace of mind. The manager should be able to communicate promptly and also relate some of the complicated financial details or regulatory requirements in a way that the committee can easily comprehend.

Do Not be Afraid to Change


If your strata manager does not have any of the qualities mentioned above, you could be wasting money or worse, putting your property investment at risk. Picking professional body corporate services provider that treats your investment as if it is their own can be the difference between a body corporate that works and one that doesn’t.


Pick a Strata Manager that Takes the Stress out of Your Investment

Picking a strata management company, like StrataCare Australia, means entrusting your property with experienced individuals who will guide you through the challenges faced by body corporates across Queensland. Whether it is several townhouses or a city-high rise, they can ensure that your body corporate functions smoothly and seamlessly. They will also keep you informed and best of all, protect the property that you have heavily invested in.


So there you have it, a few tips to help you get the right body corporate manager.