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Monday, May 27, 2024

Bollywood reaches ‘new low’ as ‘Baaghi 2’ endorses killing Kashmiris

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Tiger Shroff’s ‘Baaghi 2′ has landed in hot waters soon after the release of his new movie. The movie’s opening scene has stirred an online debate that slams the actor and the director for endorsing the brutal killings of Kashmiris by Indian forces.

The opening scene of the movie depicts the inhumane real-life incident of ‘human shield protection’ held in Jammu and Kashmir last year in 2017 by an Indian Military Officer that garnered massive international outcry. Calls were made to probe the actions of Indian officers posted in Jammu and Kashmir.

The incident saw Farooq Ahmed Dar, an innocent Kashmiri voter, forcibly being used as a human shield by Indian Army Major Nitin Leetul Gogoi to deter stone pelters in the occupied valley.

Dar, a 26-year old Kashmiri boy was strapped to the front of an army vehicle as a ‘human shield’ that led the convoy in Indian Occupied Kashmir on April 9th, 2017. The incident took place during the by-election held in Sri Nagar. Despite massive condemnation, Indian Amry awarded Major Nitin with military honors for his sustained effort in counter-insurgency operations.

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The director of the movie Sajid Nadiadwala has seemed to glorify the incident in ‘Baaghi 2′. Tiger Shroff playing an Indian Army Officer Ranveer Pratap Singh tied a Kashmiri boy to the front of his jeep, to protect himself from the angry mob in the opening scene of the movie.

Twitter users bashed Tiger Shroff and filmmakers for endorsing an inhumane incident that according to them should have been condemned in the movie.

Indian film critic Raja Sen in his review of the film wrote, “It is the kind of thing I expected Hindi cinema to tackle at some point, but not in a Tiger Shroff film where his reasoning for this inhumanity is that somebody burned the Indian flag.”

Another Indian website wrote,”Pakistan-bashing, hypernationalism and vein-popping bursts of patriotism are fixtures in Army films in the Hindi film industry. But even for Bollywood, this moment feels like a new low.”

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People within India and Pakistan equally shared the opinion that with this projection of approving the killings of Kashmiris, Bollywood has perhaps reached the new low.

It seems that Indian filmmakers are the dearth of ideas to sell content to the cinema. Filmmakers are increasingly relying on actors to make business than a strong storyline.