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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Boxer Amir Khan’s anti-doping violation: the controversy

Amir Khan has recently spoken out about his boxing ban and has given a strange justification for his failed drug test.

Amir Khan, a former boxing world champion, was banned for two years from all sports by the UK Anti-Doping Agency (UKAD) in 2022 for violating the anti-doping rules.

Recently, in a controversial statement, he claimed that his failed drug test could be down to shaking people’s hands.

The Violation and Ban

Amir Khan was tested positive for ostarine – a banned bodybuilding drug after his fight against Andreas Kotelnik.

Following this, UKAD banned him from all sports for two years, which meant he could not participate in boxing or any other sport.

The ban came as a significant blow to Khan’s career, as he was at the peak of his boxing career and had a considerable fan following.

Khan’s Controversial Claim

Recently, in an interview with a British newspaper, Khan made a controversial claim that his failed drug test could be down to shaking people’s hands.

Khan suggested that the banned substance could have entered his system through his hands, as it is a hormone naturally produced in the human body.

He claimed that he was unaware of the banned substance and that it could have entered his body when he shook hands with people who were using it.

The claim sparked controversy, with many people questioning the plausibility of his defense. Experts in the field have pointed out that it is highly unlikely for the substance to enter the body through handshakes.

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They argue that the hormone is not transferred through skin contact, and even if it was, the amount would be too insignificant to trigger a positive drug test.

Khan’s Past Involvement in Anti-Doping Campaigns

Before his anti-doping violation, Boxer Amir Khan, 36, was a vocal advocate for clean sports and anti-doping campaigns. He spoke out against doping in sports and supported initiatives to promote clean sports.

However, after his failed drug test and subsequent ban, some have criticized his past statements as hypocritical.

Khan’s Legacy

Amir Khan will always be remembered as one of the most talented boxers of his generation. He won an Olympic silver medal in 2004 and captured multiple world titles in professional boxing.

However, his anti-doping violation and subsequent ban have tarnished his legacy to some extent. His recent controversial claim has only added to the controversy surrounding his career.