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Sunday, April 14, 2024

“Boys will be Boys”: Bizarre CSS question goes viral

#CSS2023 is trending atop on Twitter since Wednesday morning.

Pictures of the English paper for CSS examination 2023 asking to write an essay on ‘Boys will be Boys’ has gone viral on social media.

The picture shows a list of topics given to candidates for Essays in English paper. One of the topics read, “Boy will be Boys” at the bottom of the list. Netizens are sharing the picture with hilarious comments on social media.

A netizen said that while Pakistan is going through multiple challenges like the economic crisis and climate change, the examiner wants candidates to write an essay on ‘boys’. Others are sharing hilarious memes along with the picture of the question paper on social media.

#CSS2023 is trending atop on Twitter since Wednesday morning.

One female Twitter user said, “I would love to write an essay on ” Boys will be Boys ” about 5000 words.”

Another one mocking the examiner said, “Welcome to 2023 in a Babu style. Imagine the brains behind CSS examinations. Have a look at the topics of Essays being given to aspirants. My fav: is “Boys will be boys” Thank God, my best friend pr essay likhnay k option nahi dia.

Interestingly, a Twitter user pointed out that the topic has been taken from the opinion piece published in the leading English newspaper titled “Boys will be Boys”. “After boys will be boys next time FPSC will come up with “Ladies First,” said another user.

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“Nothing about any global issue, regional issue, or the countless domestic issues,” said another netizen.

Some opined that the question reflects the stereotypical attitude existing in society regarding male dominance in the society.

CSS stands for Central Superior Services. The CSS exams are the most renowned competitive examinations in Pakistan. Every year, the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) conducts this examination and announces the results.