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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Breakthrough Oil Discovery by Mari Petroleum in Sindh Province

Mari Petroleum Company Limited achieves a historic oil discovery at Shawal-l well in Sindh Province, marking a breakthrough in hydrocarbon exploration, and reinforcing its position as a leader in Pakistan's energy sector with a focus on operational excellence and strategic partnerships.

Mari Petroleum Company Limited (MARI), a leading energy and exploration entity in Pakistan, has achieved a significant milestone with the discovery of oil at the Shawal-l well in Mari Development and Production Lease (D&PL), Sindh. This marks the first-ever oil discovery in Mari D&PL, previously known for gas production since 1967, showcasing the company’s pioneering efforts in expanding hydrocarbon exploration.

The exploration journey commenced with the spudding of the Shawal-l well on January 27, 2024. After reaching a total depth of 1,136 meters into the Ghazij Formation, the well underwent testing, yielding promising results.

It produced 1,040 barrels of crude oil with a viscosity of approximately 30 degrees API, alongside 2.5 million standard cubic feet per day (MMSCFD) of associated gas. This breakthrough underscores the untapped potential within Pakistan’s energy landscape, offering prospects for diversified resource exploitation.

Strategic Significance and Operational Excellence

Mari Petroleum’s success extends beyond this recent discovery, positioning it as a pivotal player in Pakistan’s energy sector. With the Mari Gas Field in Daharki, Sindh, under its operational purview, MARI stands as the second-largest producer of natural gas in the country. The company’s commitment to operational excellence is evident through its integrated approach to oil and gas exploration and production, boasting a remarkable 70% exploration success rate, well above industry averages.

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Moreover, Mari Petroleum’s clientele, including fertilizer manufacturers, power generation companies, gas distribution entities, and refineries, underscores its strategic importance within the national energy infrastructure. By supplying vital resources to key sectors, MARI contributes significantly to Pakistan’s economic growth and energy security.

Industry Leadership and Future Prospects

Mari Petroleum’s leadership in the energy landscape is reinforced by its consistent performance and forward-looking strategies. The company’s pioneering spirit, evidenced by its exploration achievements, sets a precedent for innovation and resilience within the sector. As Pakistan seeks to harness its energy potential for sustainable development, Mari Petroleum emerges as a catalyst for progress, driving exploration endeavors and unlocking new avenues for resource utilization.

Looking ahead, Mari Petroleum’s oil discovery at Shawal-l well signifies not only a momentous achievement for the company but also a testament to Pakistan’s evolving energy narrative. With a focus on leveraging technological advancements and strategic partnerships, MARI is poised to continue its trajectory of success, contributing to national prosperity and energy self-sufficiency.