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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Brillanz Group Hosts Historic Sustainable Energy Summit at MWC Barcelona

Brillanz Group hosts a groundbreaking Sustainable Energy Summit at MWC Barcelona, marking a historic moment in telecom innovation and sustainability, featuring AI solutions and global industry leaders.

Brillanz Group, headquartered in Pakistan, organized its inaugural Sustainable Energy Summit at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona, highlighting sustainable telecom innovation and AI solutions.

This event marks a significant milestone as it is the first instance of a Pakistani company hosting such a large-scale summit at MWC Barcelona, Spain.

Entitled “Innovate, Fund, Transform: Telecom’s Journey to a Sustainable, AI-Powered Era,” the summit sets a new standard for merging technology and sustainability in the telecom sector, particularly focusing on AI-driven solutions.

Bilal Qureshi, CEO of Brillanz Group, emphasized the event’s importance in driving innovative and sustainable solutions within the telecom industry. He noted that hosting this summit at MWC Barcelona was a historic achievement for a Pakistani company.

Qureshi stated, “This summit signifies a historic moment as it’s the first time a Pakistani company has organized such a significant event at MWC Barcelona. The global introduction of Thunder, our AI-Enabled Energy Intelligence Platform, demonstrates our commitment to leading impactful innovation, particularly in enhancing energy efficiency within the global telecom sector, which contributes approximately 3% of worldwide carbon emissions.”

The introduction of Thunder, a hardware-agnostic SaaS platform, at the summit signals a fundamental change in how the telecom industry addresses energy efficiency, setting a standard for intelligent energy management. The Sustainable Energy Summit highlights Brillanz Group’s leadership in sustainable innovation.

Key moments from the summit included a fireside chat with Aamir Ibrahim, CEO of Jazz, who provided insights into the future of the telecom sector, stressing the need for a sustainable approach to address increasing energy demands.

Awais Vohra, CTO of Telenor Pakistan, unveiled Thunder, an AI-driven Energy Intelligence Platform, during his keynote speech, highlighting Telenor Pakistan’s innovative sustainability efforts and presenting a collaborative case study on Thunder’s development with Brillanz Group.

Thunder offers a groundbreaking approach to energy management in the telecom sector, with hardware-agnostic capabilities and widespread adoption across Telenor Pakistan’s network.

Telenor Pakistan has implemented Thunder across its network, resulting in significant improvements in energy management and operational efficiency. Additionally, Vohra introduced Pakistan’s first sustainability-aligned innovation, “Deferred Capex, Energy Modernization” by #Infralectric, showcasing a pioneering business model for the global telecom industry.

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The summit featured distinguished global speakers such as Emanuel Kolta, Lead Innovation at GSMA, Danial M, VP Technology Sales at Nokia, Shakil Ahmad, Senior Sales Director at Rohdes & Schwarz, Falk Schroder, MD at Detecon MEA, among others, engaging in insightful panel discussions.

The summit concluded with insights from Ousama Hanif, Chief Commercial Officer at Brillanz Group, delivering a keynote on IoT-driven innovations in asset security, particularly focusing on Cratus Smart Cabinets for global telecoms. These discussions and collaborations are expected to have a lasting impact on the industry, guiding it toward a greener and more efficient future.

Brillanz Group is a prominent provider of innovative energy and technology solutions for the telecom industry, specializing in cutting-edge AI, IoT-enabled Smart Cabinets, and cleantech initiatives, all with a commitment to sustainability.

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