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Monday, July 22, 2024

British Imams and scholars seek understanding in Afghanistan

British Imams & scholars' humanitarian visit to Afghanistan, seeking understanding & supporting aid projects, bridging cultures for peace.

A delegation of prominent British Imams and Muslim scholars, led by the Human Aid & Advocacy charity, embarked on an eight-day humanitarian visit to Afghanistan. The mission was organized in coordination with Prosper Afghanistan, a community initiative dedicated to fostering a deeper understanding of Afghanistan. The scholars sought to assess the humanitarian needs of the Afghan people and gain insights into current aid projects initiated by the charity in the country.

Understanding Humanitarian Needs

The delegation, spearheaded by Shaykh Haitham Al-Haddad and Shaykh Suliman Gani, undertook a journey of empathy to comprehend the humanitarian challenges faced by the Afghan people. Human Aid & Advocacy’s ongoing aid projects, including an orphanage, a widow’s skills training centre, and a vocational skills centre, were observed to assess their impact on the local communities. Moreover, the delegation also participated in an aid delivery to Kapisa province, witnessing firsthand the significance of such initiatives for the vulnerable populations.

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Supporting Girls’ Education

An essential aspect of the visit was Human Aid & Advocacy’s commitment to supporting a girls’ school in Paghman, which currently provides education to over 100 girls. Recognizing the transformative power of education, the charity emphasized the importance of promoting girls’ education as a means to empower Afghan women and secure a more prosperous future for the nation.

Call for an End to Sanctions

In their interactions with Afghan officials, the British Imams and scholars advocated for the cessation of sanctions on Afghanistan. They contended that such measures disproportionately impact the Afghan people, hindering their access to essential resources and opportunities for development. Instead, they urged for more targeted engagement and support to facilitate peace and stability in the country.

Building Bridges and Constructive Dialogue

Prosper Afghanistan played a pivotal role in facilitating the delegation’s meetings with Afghan ministers and officials. The diverse backgrounds of the Muslim scholars provided a unique vantage point, enabling them to bridge the gap between two worlds—the West and Afghanistan. During these interactions, the delegates engaged in constructive dialogue, discussing issues related to the economy, security, and drug control in Afghanistan. They also relayed the questions raised by Muslims in the West concerning the portrayal of the Afghan government in the Western press.

Promoting Understanding and Engagement

The delegation’s visit culminated in a commitment to publish a comprehensive report on their findings. This report aims to foster further constructive engagements with stakeholders in Afghanistan, including future meetings with the UN and EU offices in Kabul. Prosper Afghanistan asserted its support for the UK government’s policy of pragmatic engagement with the current administration in Afghanistan. The initiative pledged to work with communities across the UK to enhance public understanding of Afghanistan and advocate for a safe, independent, and prosperous nation.

Tobias Ellwood’s Perspective

Prominent Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood also visited Afghanistan recently and praised the Islamic Emirate for the nation’s transformation. He highlighted significant improvements in security, increased freedom of movement, and a decline in corruption and the opium trade. However, Ellwood did express concern about the restrictions on female work and education imposed by the Islamic Emirate. He suggested that these issues could be utilized as leverage in negotiations with the Afghan authorities to promote greater inclusivity and gender equality.

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The humanitarian visit by the British Imams and scholars, in conjunction with Prosper Afghanistan’s efforts, demonstrated the importance of empathy and understanding in addressing the needs of the Afghan people. By engaging in constructive dialogue and supporting meaningful projects, they sought to empower the Afghan population and contribute to a safer, more prosperous Afghanistan. As the world looks to support Afghanistan’s progress, these initiatives provide a ray of hope for a nation rebuilding itself after years of turmoil. By nurturing relationships and fostering mutual understanding, the delegation’s efforts could pave the way for a brighter future for Afghanistan and its people.