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Saturday, June 1, 2024

British nationals detained by Taliban

British nationals were detained by the Taliban for unknown reasons, prompting diplomatic efforts and concerns for their safety.

Three British men were detained by Taliban, including the “danger tourist” Miles Routledge. The other two individuals are Kevin Cornwell, a charity medic, and an unidentified British citizen who works as a hotel manager in Kabul.

The detention has caused concern for their families and the international community, as Afghanistan is still a country in conflict and prone to violence.

The Situation

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Mr. Routledge is known for his travels to perilous countries and sharing his experiences on social media, which has garnered both attention and criticism. As per the BBC, he was evacuated from Afghanistan by the British Army after the capital city of Kabul fell in August 2021.

The reason for the detention is still unknown, but it is believed that they may have strayed into Taliban-controlled areas. Before his detention, Routledge had shared numerous pictures of himself with the Taliban.

The mother of Miles Routledge has made a public plea for her son’s safety. She stated that she had spoken to her son before he left on his trip and had warned him about the dangers of traveling to Afghanistan. She also expressed her frustration with the British government, saying that they should do more to help her son and his friend.

The Response

The British government has responded to the situation by saying that they are aware of the detention of the British nationals in Afghanistan and that they are working with the Afghan authorities to secure their release. However, they have also warned British citizens against all travel to Afghanistan, as the security situation is still volatile.

The international community has also expressed concern for the safety of the two men. The Australian government has issued a statement saying that they are monitoring the situation closely and that they are ready to provide consular assistance if needed.