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Friday, May 17, 2024

Bureaucrats decide not to defend Fawad Hassan Fawad

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The high ranked officers of District Management Group (DMG) have decided not to defend the former prime ministers’ principal secretary Fawad Hassan Fawad, it was learnt.

Most of the officers have affirmed that Fawad Hassan Fawad had protected the interests of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif instead of the state in past five years. “Whatever Fawad Hassan Fawad did in past five years, he should defend it” they stated.

Sources stated that soon after the arrest of Fawad Hassan Fawad, most of the officers contacted each other and exchanged reservations.

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One of the top ranked officers of Pakistan Administrative Services  (formerly known as DMG group) told “media” that some bureaucrats in Lahore group of DMG were very close with Fawad Hassan Fawad because he promoted them on high ranks during the past five years.

Sources stated that the officers of Pakistan Administrative Service were badly affected due to the negative decisions of Fawad Hassan Fawad.

The top officers included in Fawad Hassan Fawad list are secretary industry and production Maroof Afzal, secretary petroleum division Muhammad Jalal Sikandar Sultan, chairman State Life insurance Cooperation Sohaib Mir Memon, secretary national health Zahid Saeed, Chief Secretary KP among others.

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On the other hand, the NAB Lahore conducted a raid at the residence of former prime ministers’ principal secretary Fawad Hassan Fawad and confiscated items for investigation. Two laptops, mobile phones, a Blackberry phone and ‘important’ documents were picked up from Fawad’s residence.

NAB will conduct forensic audit of the phones and the laptops. Sources reveal that the documents picked up from Fawad’s residence contain crucial information.