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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Bushra Ansar Receives Flak Over Pro-LGBTQ Project

Bushra Ansari faces criticism for her role in an international web series, sparking a debate over LGBTQ representation and Islamic values.

Last year, Bushra Ansari appeared in the famous international web series “Our Big Punjabi Family,” earning admiration from many international communities, especially Indian Punjabis, for her pure Sikh Punjabi dialect.

The series holds a 9.2 IMDB rating. Recently, a clip from the web series has gone viral on social media, where Bushra Ansari’s dialogue is sparking conversation. In the dialogue, Bushra Ansari refers to a girl (who is transgender and is cooking the food) as “they.” She states, ‘call her either “they” or “them”.

The dialogue sparked a debate amongst netizens, with many expressing anger and criticism towards Bushra Ansari for allegedly promoting an LGBTQ agenda. Some Pakistanis are upset with her choice of script, viewing it as against Islamic values. Netizens are questioning her commitment to principles over money and fame, bashing her for participating in content they perceive as contradictory to their beliefs.

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Bushra Ansari, a multi-talented Pakistani celebrity, earns admiration for her brilliant acting, writing, and hosting. Her comic timing and witty personality also capture fans’ attention. Her character “Maa Begum” in the immensely popular drama serial “Tere Bin” garnered significant acclaim.