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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Bushra Bibi fears poisoning of husband in Adiala jail

Bushra Bibi asks IHC to enhance security of her husband in Adiala Jail

Fearing that the former prime minister, Imran Khan, could be “poisoned” in Adiala Jail, Bushra Bibi, the former first lady, has approached the Islamabad High Court (IHC) to seek enhanced security for her husband in the prison.

In August, Imran Khan was sentenced to three years in prison and fined Rs100,000 for providing false asset declarations to the Election Commission of Pakistan.

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Additionally, Additional Sessions Judge Humayun Dilawar imposed a five-year disqualification, effectively ending his chances of participating in the upcoming general elections. Presently, Imran Khan is imprisoned at Adiala Jail, a facility that has housed several former prime ministers in the past.

On Monday, Bushra filed a petition with the IHC, represented by her lawyer, Latif Khosa, voicing her concerns about her husband’s safety in prison. She particularly expressed worries that there might be attempts to harm him through food tampering. She stressed that Imran Khan is not receiving the entitled facilities as stipulated in the prison manual.

Bushra cited past instances where other prisoners were granted certain privileges, including home-cooked meals, whereas her husband was denied such privileges. She argued that this treatment constitutes a breach of Articles 9 and 14 of the Constitution and is inhumane.

In her petition, Bushra implored the court to intervene and ensure the enforcement of court orders regarding the provision of proper facilities to her husband in jail. She also requested that the court instruct the responsible medical officer to ensure the supply of healthy food to Khan.

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Furthermore, she asked the court to direct the relevant authorities to grant Khan the privilege of exercising and taking walks while incarcerated.