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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Buy Xiaomi Robot Vacuum to end fighting in the house

Housewives reluctantly get up every morning knowing that they would have to clean their homes, in the absence of their maids. But if that's a problem, let us offer you the best solution!

Covid-19 induced lockdown — along with exposing us to many other miseries — has made it so difficult to keep our homes clean, when there are no maids around.

Families which were otherwise heavily dependent upon their domestic help, are now finding it increasingly difficult to cope up with this new reality. While children remain busy attending their online classes and fathers are working from home, all the household chores are naturally left for mothers to do.

Due to the extremely contagious nature of Covid-19, housewives are suffering the most. They reluctantly get up every morning knowing that they would have to clean their homes, in the absence of their maids.

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But if that’s a problem, let us offer you the best solution!

A robot vacuum with a long battery run time and powerful suction, the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum could be a good option to explore.

The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum is designed to clean up messes on all indoor surface types:

  • hardwood floors
  • low pile carpet
  • high pile carpet

Turn the vacuum on and let it clean your floors for you. This robot vacuum is also equipped with wifi which gives users the ability to download an app and control the vacuum cleaner from a phone or tablet.

The Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a highly intelligent home cleaning device with 12 different sensors.

Three different processors track its movements in real-time and calculate the data using Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) algorithm to map out the layout of your home and determine the best cleaning routes

The Mi Robot also has a mop function, allowing the robot to perform a dry and wet clean in one go.

How It Cleans

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum seeks out dirt and debris, maps out your home, and sucks up the dirt and debris it has spotted during the process.

In order to ensure thorough cleaning, the Xiaomi Mi uses 12 different sensors to track its movements in real-time. By doing so, the vacuum cleaner is able to plan its cleaning path for a more efficient cleaning session. In addition to the sensors around its perimeter, the Xiaomi has a laser distance sensor located on the top.

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By utilising these sensors, this robot vacuum can map all its movements around your home.

Some other physical attributes that play a role in how the Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum performs its functions include; the spinning brush and rolling brush located on the bottom of the unit. The spinning brush sweeps dirt and debris into the suction path of the vacuum, while the rolling brush agitates and lifts dirt and debris before sucking it up.

  1. Rolling brush
  2. Front wheel
  3. Spinning brush
  4. Sensor
Price in Pakistan

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner costs PKR 50,000, which is very inexpensive if we compare it to other such devices.