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Can China replace the US in the near Future?

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China’s Foreign Minister, Wang Yi pledged that China had no such desire to replace America on the global stage while speaking at the annual meeting of China’s mostly ceremonial national legislature. Where 3000 people gathered in Beijing on March 8, 2018.

He added, “The Asian nation’s pathis totally different than the one that has already been taken by traditional major powers. The more China develops, the more it can contribute to the world, speaking at wide ranged press conference”.

China opened up its economic policies when President, Deng Xioping introduced reforms in 1978. Subsequently, it remained determined to be a major power with the objective of peaceful coexistence with other countries of the world without interfering in their political affairs. Now, China’s dynamic leader, Xi Jin Ping is gritty to make China more stable and prosperous by enhancing its trade relations with other regions of the world.

Economic tensions is an important element in the US-China relations, apart from this the US predominant worldwide military position since WW2, China does not pose any threat like military threat to US as the USSR.

China claims that it pursues its five principle of coexistence such as mutual respect for each other’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, mutual non-aggression, mutual non-interference in each other’s internal affairs and equality and cooperation for mutual benefit. Most international analysts perceive China as a competitor to the US and will surpass it. In reality, this requires a consistency in Chinese policies as well as sustainable economic growth.

In 2010, “China’s Rise” was the third most popular news expression in US and was discussed in the conjunction of US. As language is the not only the medium but it is a form of social and political practice. China‘s Peaceful Rise elaborates that the peace is both the means and inevitable result of rising and implies the China’s rejuvenation rather to pose challenge, threaten or invade others according to the Chinese perspective.

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With the Clinton’s Administration, US has named China as a competitor, a potential competitor, a cooperator and a stake holder to develop constructive strategic partnership. The contemporary dynamics of their relationship is very precarious as Mearshimer also hold the view that the past behavior is not reliable indicator for future.

In the contemporary world, China is the principle trading partner of many countries like Japan, North Korea and South Korea and also Taiwan. Now China is the second largest trading partner of the US after the EU. President Donald Trump threatens a trade war with China; Wang warned that Beijing is ready to take an “appropriate and necessary response. China’s development and rejuvenation can’t be stopped.”

Most international analysts perceive China as a competitor to the US and will surpass it. In reality, this requires a consistency in Chinese policies as well as sustainable economic growth.

This is an era of complex interdependence and the world is moving towards a state of multi-polarity. Not even a single nation can be colonized in this world. Therefore, unbiased and objective researches should be conducted in order to assess any country’ ambitions and policies. So that narrative based on misjudgments can be avoid in order to avoid conflicts.  

Wang added, “Some Americans think that therefore China wants to replace the US’s international role, but that is a fundamental strategic misjudgment.” In the present international political environment, regional actors are realigning or reshuffling their alignments with major powers of the world pursuing their own interest, there will remain counterbalancing phenomenon between the US and China.  

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China’s energy demands will increase and its dependence on energy imports is poised to increase in coming decades. The US and China both need each other to cooperate in different walks of life rather than confrontation. Currently geo-economics is shaping the new world order of the world though geopolitics cannot be negated entirely.

Economic tensions is an important element in the US-China relations, apart from this the US predominant worldwide military position since WW2, China does not pose any threat like military threat to US as the USSR.

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  1. This approach that China can replace USA IN near future as a Super Power is only a dream., China is an aggressive country, denying freedom to its several region people specially Uighur who are culturally and racially different with Chinese people. The large population of these groups is deprived of basic freedom, have been made them a colony

    This is twenty first century, the earth has become a global village. Instead occupying the land with earth resources, subjugating its people the right way to care sufferings of third world that having densely population due to old migration pattern that brought most Uighur other Central Asian and Chinese people in subcontinent India where people are worst suffers, facing hunger and poverty as States can not able to overcome problems due to dense population with limited earth resources.

    China promoting Budhism in the name of freedom of religion but criticizing Islam. While Islam is a religion of truth and justice, call people to have firm believe in God, All prayers and praises only to God, people should engage in doing good and avoiding evil, have unity among humans and a civilized society.

    There need International community should open the door to discuss religion to have uniformty on basis of evident facts, principles of religious beliefs whether touching to human senses?

    USA that was a symbol of Democracy, helped third world to have freedom. But unfortunately its unjust favor to Jewish people and Israel that caused great human sufferings in Middle East, brought 9/11 disaster for USA that policy still unchanged by USA is harming US interests and its STAND that helping third world in the past to have self sufficiency. People of third world knew US as a beacon of Democracy.

    No country that having NO JUSTICE can stay longer. There need to amend U.N.O Charter to take care of human sufferings, people with different groups should live side by side with each other that need spirit of sacrifice and justice. We all humans have short lifespan. We should care of all other humans with also future planning.

  2. Can China replace the US in the near Future?
    A good question indeed having far reaching implications for those who claim to be enjoying a predominant status in policing the world affairs. Keeping in view the internal and external policies of China, the rising economic power and rapid strides it is taking for strengthening it’s defense capabilities as well as space exploration, the answer is a BIG YES. China has the potential of emerging as the pillar of strength in reshaping the world affairs. After the debacle of Soviet Union in the aftermath of Afghan War and intriguing political scenario emanating from the 9/11 plan of disaster for the Muslim World, one world power was being proclaimed as the Uni Power with no one to challenge it’s supremacy in the world affairs. However, the positive indicators hinting at the rise of China as the emerging global economic joint is now dispelling the notion of Uni Power World.
    Every successive Chinese Government has always emphasized upon the principles of peaceful coexistence and non interference in the internal affairs of other states. For promoting national cohesion and bringing all the internal regions at par economically, the Chinese Government is embarking on a plan that envisages removing disparities and sharing of economic booty even by the less developed regions. The revolutionary concept of One Belt One Road is also designed to achieve this primary objective as well as to explore more and more economic opportunities and sharing of economic development and advancement to other states.
    For Pakistan and Pakistanis, CPEC is considered by a good majority as a golden opportunity of turning around it’s economy that is confronting formidable challenges. It has also provided Pakistan with an opportunity to enhance it’s defense capabilities that ensures to safeguard national sovereignty, integrity and geographical frontiers. After 9/11 incident, the Muslim World had become the most lucrative target for testing the new weapon systems, first Afghanistan, then Iraq and now it is Syria. In between the democratically elected government in Egypt was trampled tacitly while Libyan leader was silently disposed. In Pakistan first of all thousands contractors were sent who played havoc with the social fabric thru bomb blasts and creating blood bath situations almost daily with the objective of creating chaos, dissension and disappointment in the public about the very survival of our nation state. This onslaught is continuing now Afghanistan in active collaboration of our arch rival on the eastern front where reportedly contractors are being gathered to launch sinister initiatives using terrorism as a state policy.
    This peculiar situation demands a cohesive approach on the internal front and cementing ties with China. This does not mean that we close all the doors with others.


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