Canadian Muslim scholar praises Imran Khan, prays for him

A video of Imam Hamid Salimi praising Imran Khan went viral on social media. In his speech, he said: “Imran Khan speaks like Umar bin Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him).”

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Famous Canadian-Moroccan Islamic scholar, Imam Hamid Salimi praised former prime minister Imran Khan in his speech.

A video of his speech praising Imran Khan went viral on social media. In his speech, he said: “Imran Khan speaks like Umar bin Khattab (may Allah be pleased with him).”

Hamid Salimi said that Pakistan is a big Muslim country and that all should pray for it. The country has Imran Khan who said that “we have to remember this country because it was created for Islam.” Hamidi quoted Imran Khan as saying that “if we seek something else than Islam, we would fail”.

The video went viral on social media. His fans and followers prayed for Imran Khan and wished for his success.

Yesterday, former PM Imran Khan in his media interaction said that he will not fight with Pakistan Army as he strongly believes a united and strong Pakistan Army is important for Pakistan. He will also not say anything against COAS General Bajwa for the sake of the Pakistan Army.

Imran Khan’s strong words

He had the latest meeting with journalist Abdul Qadir in which he expressed his views on the ongoing crisis in Pakistan and his alleged distance from Pakistan Army. Imran Khan categorically denied approaching the military himself and asking it to intervene to end the deadlock with the opposition over the No-Confidence Motion. He, however, refused to respond to the statements of COAS Bajwa circulating in media since yesterday.

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“I will not do anything that will harm the country, we need a strong army, I did not ask anyone to end the deadlock, the Establishment discussed 3 options after meeting our senior leadership! Last night I did not meet anyone except anchors and party members,” said Imran Khan.

He again said that he designed an independent foreign policy keeping the welfare of the people in mind. ”My government’s foreign policy was for the people of my country. Hussain Haqqani was also holding important meetings in the plan to be made from January. Before I visited Russia, I called General Bajwa and asked him if there should be a visit in this situation. General Bajwa suggested that a visit should be made,” Imran Khan added further.

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