100 elephants have succumbed to Zimbabwe’s harsh weather

A video shared by Farawo on social media showcases a young elephant fighting for its life, trapped in mud within a drying water hole.

South Africa votes in favour of closure of Israel’s embassy in Pretoria

South African Parliament has taken a decisive step by voting in favour of a motion that calls for the closure of Israel's embassy in Pretoria

African country seeks investment after massive oil discovery – Bloomberg

Namibia is looking for private investors for the construction of new ports, according to the outlet

South Africa introduces new bill recoginizing Sharia-compliant marriages

South Africa's journey to recognize Sharia-compliant Muslim marriages, ending decades of exclusion and paving the way for equality

Unmasking France’s neocolonial exploitation in Africa

Niger coup sparks urgent global call to end neocolonial exploitation in Africa, solidarity for justice needed

Putin pledges grain aid to Africa

Shipments to some of the poorest nations on the continent will be ready within months, the Russian president has said

Kremlin reveals details of Russia-Africa summit

Some 49 African countries will be represented at the two-day event

Africa has ‘rightful place’ in deciding world’s fate – Putin

The Russian leader has no doubt that Africa will “free itself from the bitter legacy of colonialism”

Russian warships visit east African seaport

The tour aims to strengthen military ties between Moscow and Djibouti

Macron says era of French interference in Africa is ‘over’

Anti-French sentiment runs high in some former African colonies as the continent becomes a renewed diplomatic battleground, with Russian and Chinese influence growing in the region.

African leaders call for greater trade on continent

The presidents of Uganda and South Africa met in Pretoria to strengthen economic ties

Contract killings come cheap in South Africa

"Few murders involving hitmen end up in court and when they do hitmen are often killed," Mary de Haas, an academic focusing on political violence in Durban's KwaZulu-Natal province, told AFP.