NASA’s analysis of the 2023 spike in global sea levels

Behind the fluctuations caused by natural phenomena lies a sobering reality: human-induced climate change is exacerbating the problem.

Karachi hit with cold wave after rain

Karachi has experienced an unusual dip in mercury levels, leaving residents bundled up in layers to combat the uncharacteristic chill.

San Diego faces record rainfall and flooding

The impact of the storm was not limited to San Diego, as neighboring Tijuana and northern Baja California experienced severe flooding.

US grapples with devastating winter storms

The aftermath of these storms has left a trail of destruction, with Oregon and Tennessee being particularly hard-hit.

Terrifying reality of a runaway greenhouse effect

This revelation highlights the pressing need for immediate climate action and prompts contemplation on the future habitability of Earth.

Cyclone Michaung unleashes floods in the streets of Southern India

As Cyclone Michaung unleashes its ferocity upon Southern India, the region is left reeling in the aftermath of relentless torrential rain.

Heat spell expected to reduce according to current forecast

Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has issued a weather forecast that promises a break from the scorching heat.

Storm Daniel unleashes catastrophic floods in Eastern Libya

Eastern Libya into a state of turmoil after Storm Daniel unleashed torrential rains that resulted in devastating floods.

Morocco struck by powerful 6.8-magnitude earthquake

A powerful 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck the country, particularly impacting the historic city of Marrakech.

Hong Kong grapples with worst flooding in 140 Years

Hong Kong experienced the highest hourly rainfall in its recorded history, dating back 140 years, on Thursday and midnight on Friday

Devastating wildfire engulfs Northeastern Greece

Relentless wildfire has wreaked havoc in northeastern Greece for over 11 days, resulting in environmental damage and loss of life

Super Typhoon Saola wreaks havoc in Northern Philippines

Super Typhoon Saola unleashed its wrath causing widespread flooding and prompting the evacuation of over a thousand people