Heat spell expected to reduce according to current forecast

Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has issued a weather forecast that promises a break from the scorching heat.

Storm Daniel unleashes catastrophic floods in Eastern Libya

Eastern Libya into a state of turmoil after Storm Daniel unleashed torrential rains that resulted in devastating floods.

Morocco struck by powerful 6.8-magnitude earthquake

A powerful 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck the country, particularly impacting the historic city of Marrakech.

Hong Kong grapples with worst flooding in 140 Years

Hong Kong experienced the highest hourly rainfall in its recorded history, dating back 140 years, on Thursday and midnight on Friday

Devastating wildfire engulfs Northeastern Greece

Relentless wildfire has wreaked havoc in northeastern Greece for over 11 days, resulting in environmental damage and loss of life

Super Typhoon Saola wreaks havoc in Northern Philippines

Super Typhoon Saola unleashed its wrath causing widespread flooding and prompting the evacuation of over a thousand people

Unusually strong summer storm hits Mecca

Mecca's pilgrims confronted by unforeseen summer storm, gusts of wind forcefully carried away barriers and rubbish bins

British Columbia’s struggle against record-setting wildfires

Canada battles the flames as unprecedented wildfires scorch vast lands, affecting lives and economies in British Columbia

Tragedy strikes and leaves historic town, Maui, in ruins

Tragic Maui wildfires claim 67 lives, leaving historic Lahaina town in ruins, community resilience shines in face of devastation

Gendered impacts of rising heat on women

Women bear the brunt of rising heat as frequent heatwaves threaten their health, work, and earnings. Urgent action needed.

Unprecedented heatwaves and wildfires ravage the Northern Hemisphere

Unprecedented heatwaves and wildfires scorching three continents, sounding alarms on the urgent need to combat global warming.

World just had ‘hottest week on record,’ says World Meteorological Organization

Average global temperature on July 7 was 17C (63F), which is 0.3C above previous record of 16C (62F) from 2016