Tragedy strikes and leaves historic town, Maui, in ruins

Tragic Maui wildfires claim 67 lives, leaving historic Lahaina town in ruins, community resilience shines in face of devastation

Gendered impacts of rising heat on women

Women bear the brunt of rising heat as frequent heatwaves threaten their health, work, and earnings. Urgent action needed.

Unprecedented heatwaves and wildfires ravage the Northern Hemisphere

Unprecedented heatwaves and wildfires scorching three continents, sounding alarms on the urgent need to combat global warming.

World just had ‘hottest week on record,’ says World Meteorological Organization

Average global temperature on July 7 was 17C (63F), which is 0.3C above previous record of 16C (62F) from 2016

Hottest day ever recorded for the third time this week

Global heat surge continues with hottest day this week, breaking records once again and reinforcing the need for urgent climate action.

July 3rd hottest day ever recorded globally

Record-breaking heatwave scorches the globe, sounding the alarm on climate change crisis, urgent action needed now.

El Niño Phenomenon Arrives, Impacting Global Climate Patterns

The arrival of El Niño highlights the significance of monitoring and understanding climate cycles.

Over 1500 Arrested at Extinction Rebellion Protest

Over 1,500 people were arrested at Extinction Rebellion protest in Netherlands, making it one of the largest mass arrests in recent history.

Shanghai Breaks More Than a Century-Old Heat Record

Shanghai breaks more than a century-old heat record, with temperatures soaring upto a staggering 36 degrees Celsius.

German Police Investigate Climate Activists

The German police investigation into climate activists has sparked significant debate and raised concerns about the boundaries of activism and public safety.

Climate change pushes temperatures to new heights

Record-breaking temperatures loom as UN warns of the hottest five-year period ever. Urgent action needed to address climate change.

Forest Wildfires: A Dire Wake-Up Call for Urgent Climate Action

The wildfires ravaging the forests of Canada and Russia are not isolated incidents but rather alarming symptoms of a much larger problem.